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Money Train 2 FAQ

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Welcome to the Money Train 2 (MT2) FAQ!


Q: What is the RTP and max. potential of MT2 ?

A: MT2 has an RTP of 96.40% up to 98.00% and a max. potential of 50.000x ur bet. For example, 5000€ on a 0.10€ bet!


Q: What is Roshtein's biggest Win on MT2 ?

A: Roshtein's biggest Win is 91.660€ on a 20€ bet (4583x) --> https://clips.twitch.tv/CheerfulRenownedSalmonHeyGirl


Q: How much does the feature costs ?

A: 100x ur bet. For example, on a 2€ bet it costs 200€


Q: How do I trigger the bonus Game ?

A: By getting 3 Scatters or more, or 2 Scatters and one persistent symbol!


Q: What are persistent symbols ? 

A: The game has 3 persistent symbols. The Collector, the Sniper, and the Payer. Each of them will grant their bonus feature after every spin. 

  • Sniper: Doubles the current value on one Symbol (minimum 3 up to 8 times per spin


  • Payer: Shoots a certain value on every symbol on the board


  • Collector: Collects every symbols value on the board 


Q: Can I get 2 or more persistent symbols ?

A: Yes u can. We saw 2 persistent symbols at the same time. U can get 2 (or probably more) of the same aswell.



Q: What is a CollPay ?


A: The CollPay is the normal version of the Collector and of the Payer combined. It will first collect all values on the board and then shoot them out on every symbol again.


Q: What is a Necromancer ? 


A: The Necromancer will randomly re-trigger special symbols on the board at the time it lands.

(minimum 2 times, up to 7 times)

  • It cannot re-trigger the Reset.
  • When it lands with no special symbol on the board it is "wasted"


Q: Can u get 2 Necromancer ?

A: As far as we know, no.


Q: What does the Reset do ?


A: The Reset will give you one extra spin after every re-trigger. So you will have 4 instead of 3 spins.


Q: What happens on a fullscreen ?

A: After getting the fullscreen, every persistent symbol will trigger one last time. Then the game awards u with an extra 500x on ur total win.



I hope this will help some people to understand and even enjoy the game more!!

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