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Be Aware From Horus

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It is simple - do not even turn your eye on this website - unless you are prepared to just throw your money away.

The rules are made to take your winnings and cancel any withdrawing. I am completely disappointed after spending multiple months worth of salaries here and gaining no winnings, this is yet to be the worst of gambling sites there is. Not to speak of getting "free" "bonuses" which come with your withdrawals being canceled if used.

The games themselves are location restricted, most of games available in my country are blocked in this site due to "being banned in my country" while they are not.

I do not understand why promote such a website?? I have never encountered such strict rules, all of the sites I have played on the bonus actually means that you can withdraw your winnings no matter what even if its taxed by certain amount.

So far - if pokerstars is more of focused on poker than gambling, what ever they provide has been much better than this random site. Even leovegas or mrgreen are more popular and do not scam their players. There are many more casinos names I could call out but Horus deserves to never get attention by anyone.

Even if my post does get removed, I am never returning to this casino and it is a pain to see such a streamer promote it.

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