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How i started and quitted Gambling

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Hello Rosh and fellow brians,

i would like to share "my story" with you so more of you guys learn to gamble responsible or quite gambling forever.

Because when you dont set your self limits , it will be playing with fire and somehow you gonna burn yourself.

So let´s go....

Time before i joined the Troops

Around 2016/17 i got hooked to CSGO and the CSGO Gambling scene/sites via Jackpot, Roulette and Case Opening.

I "invested" around 100-150€ each month for around 1.5 years to get the thrill to win high value items like Dragon Lore and rare knives.

and i did pretty ok so far, once i made 12k in skin value of a 25 or 50 € investment via going ballsy on a roulette side via" all in "betting a few times and hitting green back 2 back.

This time ended mid 2017 after my girlfriend recognized that i not only spend money to buy ingame cases in CSGO, but betting those skins on a grey "area" when it comes to be legal or non-legal . Cause in these times betting CSGO items on Gambling sites was a big grey area. So i cashed out around 4k over the skintrading sites like OPSKINS. Which got sued by Valve a few month later, due some class action law sued in america after some "idiot" CSGO Gambler and Streamer got caught rigging Roulette and Jackpot games cause he owned the CSGO Gambling sites.

And ofc i lost a major piece of my high value csgo inventory to some stupid gambling i made. For example to some former "scam" trading sites, cause scaming high value items was a big thing these days.

But i got out early enough and promised my girlfriend to stop this BS on CSGO Gambling, and i upgraded her and my PC with those 4k € i cashed out from my CSGO inventory.

How i joined the troops

I got hooked with regular Gambling  around Sept. 2019 when MontanaBlack88 hosted Rosh a few times.

So i followed rosh around then and received my Satchel .

Same as years before i "invested" around 100-150€ per month in gambling on sites like N1 or Slotwolf, first with regular Welcome bonuses a few times per month . My regular deposit amount was like 25€ with a 200% Roshtein Deposit Bonus on N1 and 100% on Slotwolf. Most likely with a stake of 0,2€-0,3€ per bet, this increased around to 0,5€ or even 1€ per bet once i got greedy and loved to go with "all in" deposits like i did a few years ago in CSGO Gambling. But i never increased my deposits above 25€ per deposit.

And i had a few nice wins back then which i shared in this forum:


and ofc some 500x on BoD with explorer lines, which i didnt screenshoted


A few month i made + - 100 € profit or lost, soon as i withdrawed 200-300 € i re- deposited it the next weeks, from 5-6 deposits a month to 10x or even 20x per month, when i did some withdrawls.

Somewhere between these months,  the fun of playing a nice designed slot disappeared and i wanted to play ballsy and i got greedy and most likely gambled my withdrawls away because i made non responsible size of deposits , like i said up to 20x 25€ deposits with depositbonuses, even on different casinos.

All in All...

I never got into critical financial problmes due to gambling and being ballsy, but I got addicted to play risky, and for my situation on high bets between 1-2,5€ per bet and burning in the last month my set limits off around 200€ / month pretty fast.

 In some ballsy situation in August 2020 i got my biggest hit on Deadwood...


and alot did change for me, I told my "same" girlfriend that i won a huge amount of money, and that i withdrawled around 2,2k € after i wagered this money on a semi "serious" site, in my eyes. So I promised her AGAIN to stop gambling, and after 3 weeks of waiting for the confirmed withdrawl we spend this money on nice trips and journeys through Germany.

And to make sure i would never gamble again i locked my PC and Smartphone via Gamban app and paid the license with the "big" money i made from my last withdrawl.

Free of Gambling since: 01. Sept. 2020


So my advice to all of you brians:

Set deposit limits you can put on the casino sites

Pay your bills before you "invest" your money into slots!

Dont let the fun disappear to the "highs" of winning!

Your not alone, share you problems with your wife or husband / family/friends !

Use Gamban app on your devices, it blocks all sites and casino adds on your PC and Phone!


Have a good day!




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