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I am ARMASLOTS on Tik Tok

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Hello everyone,

I am Armaslots on Tik Tok that have been posting highlights of Roshtein. 

I know Roshtein called me out today, which is fair! I never asked his permission to post his clips. 

That being said, I am a big fan and supporter of his through watching his stream and using those precious points in the point store to support him through his affiliate links. When scrolling through Tik Tok, I see many people posting clips of Roshtein and pushing THEIR affiliate link down people's throats. I just wanted to share Roshtein's clips for a few reasons. 

1. Broaden his viewership and support through a new platform. 

2. Bring in new people to the website (Roshtein.com) and the stream so they can really get to know him and the community. (Many people DM the Tik Tok channel asking where to play slots and which casnios. In that case, if someone comments which casino, I reply with N1 Casino. If anyone DM's me, I direct them to either his stream OR the website. 

3. Bring truth to all the new Brians on Tik Tok. There are many who say "monopoly money" or "Works for the casino" or best yet, "He owns the casino" haha. 


I have not forced my own affiliate link on anyone on Tik Tok and just want to support Roshtein on a new platform. I have also made ZERO revenue on the channel. Purely for entertainment and awareness for Roshtein. The statistics on the channel are incredible for only being up for one month.


On that note, if Roshtein sees this... I am a huge fan, not only for the entertainment you bring everyone, but because you have helped me fight my gambling addiction and now I only gamble for fun and I have set a hard monthly budget on myself! With your blessing, I hope you will allow me to keep posting your highlights because it has brought awareness to many people around the world that wouldn't have known about you otherwise. 

I will be more than happy to talk to you privately if you would like! 



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I'll ask him to comment on this but if you are not profiting from it, and Rosh has no official presence there I can't see it being an issue since it's literally just fan made content. 

For future reference anyone looking to use Rosh's content for any reason should ask permission beforehand, whether by asking a mod who can forward the message or Rosh himself.

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Thanks for getting back to me Storyx! Yeah its just fan made highlights on a new platform, which I think can be only beneficial to Rosh and his empire!

I do regret not reaching out to get the blessing to post his content. I was just eager to start posting actual clips of Rosh, and not imposters pushing their own affiliate click down users' throats!


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I want to try out his dance moves at my local night club.  Can I have permission please?

Mind you, I'm a 50 years old, 200lb slab so it might look a lot worse than Rosh does it - well maybe a little :Roshd:

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