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Black river gold (Elk games)

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New Elk games slot is on its way and i took a little testride on demo
2000 spins on 1€ bet
That is not much spins to make any conclusion, but it gives some sort of taste what is coming up when feeding this slot.
First bonus on spin 652. Win was 51x. Balance was down 260x bet after that.
After 1000 spins Rtp was 67,5%
Second bonus hit on spin 1914. Bonus win 58x bet
At this point balance was down 600 times the bet.
Third bonus spin 1942. Bonus win 68x bet.
So after 2k spins i was down about 600€ on 1€ bet
Bonus hit frequency 666,66
Rtp 70%
Best basegame win 40x
Average bonus win 59x
9 times out of 10 i am not going to put my money on this one.
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tahiti gold is the best out of these type of elk games...the fixed wilds in the base games and the redraw feature are the best.

though all of these games have a max potential of 5k...i once had a >1000x basegame hit on this, because i got some sticky wilds and max ways

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On 7/17/2021 at 3:23 AM, Whistalcup said:

I am playing this game since 4 years. Its lovely experience playing this. I just bought this new game  https://productz.com/en/denver-gmp-270c/p/26wdB and its also very nice. It gives lots of relief to the disturbed mind. Its good to play in the time of stress to remove the stress and have fun. Its basically made for the exercise of the mind.

I can smell a bot from Gigabytes away.

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