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Coronavirus discussion in chat

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We all know the Coronavirus is a serious topic and worthy of discussion, and many of you have been sharing your experiences and concerns over the past few weeks in the stream chat. 

We implemented a full-time block for words related to the virus in order to prevent the constant mention of it and to provide a bit of a retreat for people who don't want to discuss it. This is not us saying "it's not important", rather we'd much prefer the stream to be a place you can escape those kinds of discussions and have fun. 

The topic is already all over the internet / social media / news media, we have no real need to discuss it in the stream chat. After a casual viewer vote in chat today it seems as though many of you felt the same, so starting from now Coronavirus discussion is blocked and against the chat rules.

You'll already find most words are blocked and you won't be able to type them. As with all blocked words, trying to evade the filters will get you timed out, so please don't do that. 

Again, we share your concerns and we are certainly all worried about it too. You are still free to discuss the virus in our off-topic forum or Discord if you wish to.

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