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Regarding lost points (updated 28/02)

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You may have recently noticed you have lost or gained several thousand points. This is due to a server outage and data loss at a 3rd party server vendor that StreamElements used to store their databases. 

Statement from StreamElements:


On Monday, one of our databases maintained by a 3rd party vendor was accidentally deleted from their server along with the related backups. The database held all of our loyalty points data. As a result, the systems which rely on this program--such as giveaways, contests, stream store, watchtime, and songrequest with loyalty points--were disabled. Because we were able to identify the issue, we have re-enabled the loyalty program today. Since the vendor informed us that they are unable to restore the lost data, we are using our own offsite backups from November of 2019 to reflect data captured up until that month. We realize this is not ideal, but it is the only available option. If you prefer to opt-out of using the older data we restored, simply use the reset button on your leaderboard. We apologize for the impact this has on your channel and community and will be putting in additional safeguards to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

As a result all viewers points have been reset to what they were around the start of November. For people who spent points during the Christmas period this probably means you've gotten all your purchases for free. Congrats!

We are currently talking about the best way to compensate active viewers. Adding a blanket amount of points that would have been earned on average to everyone in our database is not a viable option. 

Please continue to check back on this thread for updates.



Update 25/02:

People who renamed between now and November 1st 2019 may need to use the !rename command in chat once again.

Update 28/02: 

Triple passive points and double satchel points are now active starting from today until the end of march. This should help people who lost points catch up with around 3 months worth of lost points in 1 month of watchtime.

To clarify:

Satchel points: 10 instead of 5
Passive points (per 10 minutes): 3 instead of 1

This is the best solution for all of us, we realise it's not ideal but the situation unfortunately requires a compromise due to some people gaining points instead of losing them.

Once again we will not handle individual cases on this, it's just not possible so please don't message mods asking for your points you won't get them.

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