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Stream Music Playlists & Community Playlists

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Music from Roshtein's Stream

A lot of people asking for playlists that Rosh plays on stream so here they are.

Roshtein's Spotify: 


Roshtein on Soundcloud:


Storyx Playlists: 

Dark House


Boost! (Most commonly requested)


Drum & Bass


Trance (added 21/11/19)


Night (added 17/02/2020)


Legendary (added 12/03/2020)


5am (added 26/03/2020)


Chill Drum & Bass (added 16/04/2020)



Community Playlists:

If you want your Spotify playlist to be played on stream, post it below and please avoid the use of explicit songs.

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here a little Christmas PL. Not all songs are recommended for a stream cause they are too slow. I am still looking for some pop-ish songs. Although not those one you hear 24/7 in the radio. Tried to make a mix from the good old classic to new modern.

If you have any recommendations, pls let me know.


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Hey! I rly love music, and think I have some songs that can fit for Roshteins stream so he have more songs to choose from. Its future house/chill so check em out. They are all on Spotify and im not involved in any of them btw. 

Go - DJ Goja             (Think this is a perfect one for Rosh) 

Cause im crazy - DJ Goja

Evil like me - Hex Cougar

Eyes on You - Nitti Gritti

Why? - Casual T


Honest - San Holo 

Trying to love - QUIX


Check em out and tell me what u think. 

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I’ve got a lot of good house music songs on this playlist, give it a go 😀 

and beside that playlist, think you will also love one classic “ Angie Stone - Wish I didn’t miss you! 
Love your stream bro, keep up the good content and best of lucks on the slots! 


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