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This note destroys itself after its beeing red

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First of all we want to thank you alot for all the nice moments and houres that you share with us while we can fiver with you the things that we cant do, playing slots on this uncomparable level.

To be honastly we wouldn´t mind if you could bring a bit of diversification in the coice of the slots you are running due to there are many slots existing but mainly you just go with those where you already hit decently before.

There are other slots worth to be played beside bod reactoons and doghouse and especcially those newcommerslots that can pay unlimitad but that need to be first spent almost unlimmited to hit this mega win. Really please avoid those or at least donst spend so mouch on them, they are not healthy. Before investing 20k in them to maybe hit the mega big hit on it better invest 20k in 30% of my company that has a 125 % rtp : )

How do you like the idea of thatt we all can add slot "requests" eg here in the forum and they gonna be added to a random pick list and the system picks the one to be played like eg for 50 spins. This to be done with 3-4 slots on the stream to bring some more diversification to the slots : )

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