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Strange Things Happening in casumo

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Some time ago on casumo on lightning Roulette.

I was slotting with a friend who Connected himself via Teamviewer to my PC.

On rolling the balls on lightning, he suddenly toled me that Theres a bug with the Roulette and he cant see the Numbers in the hit numbers filed.

Also the current number couldn be seen by him.

Strange about this is, that the field where the number should ne shown was colored and he also saw the color red.

After i asked him what exactly hes meaning he sent me some Screenshots.

I couldnt belive my eyes, this couldnt be a Bug created by Teamviewer lag or bad Connection. 

Everyrhing in his Screenshot was Like in my screen only the number itselfs where Missing. 

This lead me to the thought thaz theres only one way how this can happen.

I got hacked by some real exped ppl aswell as i already found crazy shit deep inside my pc that shouldn be there.

Pay Attention for man in the middle Attacks on slotting, really dont know how ppl find Out the casino customers but seems Like Theres a big Thing Happening with the deposits WE are sending to the Casinos that got shown ass deposits in the Casino but actually its Just Made the was that It lookes Like IT got the Balance in the Account. 

In real its Just an overlay in the own System that got hacked ans the deposits goeing directly to other bank Accounts.

Check your pcs dir hidden rootserver and opened Ports.

Trust your Feeling that Something ist wrong with the Casino esp the rtp Check your system twice.

Just a good advice from someone experienced in finding system fails.

To be on the safe Side i gonna Block all localhost Connections including all avalible Ports in my host File.

You now maybe thinking, wtf localhost... What ur talkink Shit... Go find the localhost::Port thats opend and you can go for trace where in the system a Hidden server ist running.

And yas ofc the time on casumo i löst everyrhing depositing, IT was Like thanks dir your deposite please deposite again.


Check your Systems for every litle Detail, before you recognise that your Not depositing to the Casino while you think you do so.

Edited by don_hombre

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