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Seeing suspicious links? Please report them!

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So we've had a few cases where greedy dumb greedy and dumb people have tried to make a buck by advertising (spamming) their own affiliate or bonus site links hoping to get people to sign up via them. Unless they're collaborating with Rosh or paying for their advertisement space - and everyone can guess whether they are or not - that's definitely not allowed. As you probably remember from the R** B*** case, he's not keen on free advertising.

If you come across a suspicious post, please report it by clicking on the Report tool in the top right corner of the post and add a short description. Mods will then be alerted to review the post and will get rid of the content. I'd also like to remind you that the intended use for the report tool is not to get attention to your slot suggestion or to critizise ones made by other users. Thanks!

The 200 IQ play is to also report the spammers to the sites they're collaborating with and ask them to issue a warning or even to terminate the affiliate deal completely, as most affiliate programs prohibit mass spamming as a way of recruiting people.


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