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Curtis Robert. CRAWFORD.

Adopted boy then. A found man TODAY.

I have lived the lowest of lives. Lying myself through them all. If I haven't done it, I've seen it, and I can play it in my head & feel it in my heart, racing, like a "teaser trailer'" done right. My anxiety and high-alart/awareness has crippled me for the past 26 years and I just become sober, for a woman, whom wants my children. I am a Father. I have always been, a Father. 

From the days of staying home, away from the aches & pains of the outside world; whilst raising my nieces, nephews, cousins, friends.

I've taught myself 1,000,000 topics, but I haven't mastered any of them. I know a few things in a few languages, and can act out ANY scene you dare to challenge me with. 

Black Belt - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Gymnastics 3yrs

Dance 3yrs

Youtube Famous @ 13 (None0fTheAbove//MineCraft NDA-drop)(betrayed trusts = deleted channel). 

20+ Civilian Jobs

Every drug, none of the HARD ones. Just to know. To experience them through my own eyes and be able to help others to understand them. Most importantly, if something, anything, anyone, any drug, feels or MAKES YOU feel, a certain way, and whether or not that's WHAT you need; what I think you need


I just want to help people. All of my channels have been tutorial ones. Whether its my current that was abandoned when I enlisted in the military. That one was started purposely around the same time as Fallout 4.. that channel could have exploded.m. but, i needed to serve the time that I have to have learnt the lessons I've learnt. 


The endless lessons I still have to learn. So that I can teach them better. So that every, single, person, finds their superpower. No matter how small ant-man may be, if you really know him.... he's just as big, if not bigger.... much, much bigger.... than everyone else. Imo. Ofc.


Me, at this current moment.

Broken teeth. Dead teeth. Nice smile. 

Lots of undeserved debt. 

Loads, of deserved debt.

Full of belief... when the world believes false truths and depicts an image so ugly that you believe it yourself and lose your mind. It's a hard scrabble bag to pick from. Not a lot of the letters you're looking for are there. You still have to learn. & face ALL of adulthood, true, beautiful, faithfilled parenthood without children xD (my animals), that also scares the crap out of fearless giants and makes priests pause their prayers.


Life is scary. I just want to live my life with as many people as possible, because I never want ANYONE. Friend or Foe. Whatever... to feel the bitter end of true, pure, beautiful... loneliness. It's like any other drug. Being lonely can be intoxicatingely lovely as well.


I'll stop rambling as this is about the time I've lost your attention and you're no longer reading, or  you've already told me to shut up because I've somehow confused you with riddles and rhymes 🤣 .


If anyone wants to like, fund (because I'm broke) a beautiful farm with fiber internet... give me control and a team of intellectuals and let's change the word. I want to build a flying saucer from K.O. City & make it work in real life. Boom. Another idea. Thanks DJ Khaled. ;). I'll shush xD.


Just call me Curt, Crawford, Crawfish, Crawdaddy, daddio, Jack, Rob, or idk, anything you'd like to xD.

I have lived. I have lost.

Over 9000 times.

I'm chosing to live a life of belief, chance, trial and error, where I'm not afraid to die because I know I won't, not yet. It'll happen when it's supposed to, so I'm going to cherish every moment, every person, every thing that I am doing, for the rest of my life :)!!


Ft. Just a tiny few of my favourite memories.















Edited by iParmesanCheese
Missed a few.

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