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Farm of the week explained

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Hey guys, just curious to know exactly what the farm of the week is and how it works.

I notice it has a wager % 

and what is the main goal and idea of choosing the correct slot ? 

is it possible for a normal person to do at lower balances ?

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1. Farm of the week is a chosen slot that is farmed (bet) in the background. Often just for research to know how good/bad it is acording to the stated RTP. The RTP is based on bilions of spins so it's not to trust, but it's fun to test with a farm. There is no "correct" slot for this, just feelings and guts.

2. It has a wager if the casino has a bonus wager that is active. If he play the farm on Vegaz Casino and deposite $ 5000 with a deposit bouns of 300%, then he have to wager $ 15000 before he's on raw money that he can to whatever he wants with.

3. Anyone can do a farm. Let's leave the bonus money and wagering out of this, and you deposite, lets say $ 100 to farm with. Start a farm on a given slot with a low bet, like $ 0.1, you will have 1000 spins to play with and if you go plus, it's a good farm, if you go minus, it's a bad one. If you want to farm for over a week many hours a day, you would probably need to deposite more. You should always expect to loose the money before depositing!

Good luck to you ❤️

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