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I ordered a "free" mouse pad from DeuceAce using my points. It was sent from the US and I had to pay for toll and taxes to recive it to my address in Sweden. Cost me around $40 in total. The cost will problably go up because i have to pay taxes for what the mouse pad would cost in Sweden aswell, and it's on me to look up what it would cost to buy the same-ish item in Sweden and put a 25% tax on it.

I know this is an issue with Streamlabs of where the items are shipped. if it's shiped within Europe, there would be no tax, toll or other expenses. The streamer has nothing to do with it. But i feel like there should be an option to choose. Can a streamer have a voice on that?

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It's StreamElements, not Streamlabs (they are two different companies), and it looks like their FAQ says


Orders from the EU are manufactured in our EU facilities.
Currently available for T-Shirts, Hoodies & Mugs.
There are flat shipping rates for domestic/international orders and tracking is included.
Some sizes (3XL shirts) and color variations ship from the USA towards the EU. For colors specifically, if it's shipping from the USA, it is due to a shortage with the EU vendor.

At the moment, the following items are produced exclusively in the USA:
XXL Mousepads, Mousepads, and Stickers.

I hadn't read that earlier either and assumed they'd ship all EU orders from Latvia, but it seems like that's not the case.

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