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Mepparn in da millhouse

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Posted (edited)

My real name is Jim, living in Sweden and working with wood, doing handles for premium axes and other tools. I earn a bit in salery, but i spend most of it on gambling. Just had a really nice winstreak this month and bought a car and put myself to rest (something you can do in Sweden and EU. You will not be able to play on casinos for the amount of time you choose).

I love to gamble, but things have gone a bit to crazy lateley, so with my "resting" (not including crypto VPN friendly casinos)  I watch streams instead. Should have bought a computer to play World of Warcraft with. The itching wont go away so easily.

Just minutes ago I got a phone call i'm going to be a god father to my brothers daughter. Feeling so happy right now. 🙂 Will spend my money on something else from now on. 🙂 Her name will be Lo. Lo is a Swedish tiger-ish animal. I will call her Lollo and everything she points at, she will get...NOT!

Love kids and animals. I had a dog named Obbelix. It was the most beutifull dog you can imaging.... it was a rottweiler tho... so not that fluffy, bit still so cozy and he loved humans and sausages. I want a new dog but i cant leave a dog at home 9 hours a day while i'm at work.

My biggest dream is to live far far away, where the sun always shine and have a nice work and a fluffy dog. Thats not to much to ask for i think.

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Just to add. I'm much into computers, programming (mostly Python) and a big fan of Linux, since I was a puppy. I can be to help for most things if anyone have problems or questions. I love making complicated things, user friendly and easy to use.

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