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Found 4 results

  1. Hey There, I have something I need some assistance with. I have registered to Gudar casino a few months ago with Rosh's affiliation. I've been playing there for a few months and have made many deposits and withdrawals for thousands of EUR. Today they decided to close my account for irregular gambling which is very weird to me as I have changed nothing about my gambling activities or stake sizes. On top of that I have 2 pending withdrwawals for over 200 EUR. Since ROSH is promoting them (or at lesast did), I thought you might be able to talk to them to reactivate my account or at least honor my pending withdrawals. Thanks in advance <3
  2. Hello, i deposited 300 euro tot the first time at slotwolf yesterday. After wagering 50x i tried to withdraw 1450 euro. This withdrawal got denied today because i played one slot (out of the many) at a 10 euro bett, all the other slots where 5 euro. Is there anything i can do? Especialy because they call it high Roller bonus.
  3. Hi, I'm a fairly long term Roshtein viewer and finally decided to jump in the ring and play some slots. I've used Slot Wolf to great success and had a great experience, so trying to continue I used the bonus code for Joo Casino. I had a great run and turned my very small 100 deposit + 150% bonus (250CAD) start into 5k CAD. I requested a withdrawal (long after reaching the sticky bonus requirement) and received this in my email. The below screen show says: So I was relieved, I did not know they had bet limits on bonuses or limits on what games I was allowed or not allowed to play until this email. I assumed if I hit the limit it would tell me, as it did when I tried to play bigger in the live casino. Note, this whole time the entire balance was available to me. I went from 5.5k to 4k back up to 5 etc. There was no limitation on playing the slots. Never got a notice. I was happy though they were processing my 3k withdrawal. Woke up this morning to this: Maybe because they saw the size of my win?? I am a huge fan of casinos and slots, I'm a high end player (highest status as my local in person casino, multiple offers in Vegas etc.) and I was quite skeptical of all online casinos because of the lack of having the cash in hand, but Rosh and the community really made it fun and seemingly safe. Tbh, if I knew this was a problem, I would have just deposited raw cash but I thought maximizing the bonus would be nice. Now this experience has put an extemely bad taste in my mouth. So I'm asking the community, is this just a buyer beware situation where I am at fault for not reading the fine print? Immediately after reading the first email, I knew they may try to get off on a technicality but hoping they had integrity. I'm just sad because I had so much fun and now feel like people who are naive or may not read all the rules are taken advantage of (and this is from someone who watches Rosh A LOT and therefore thought he knew the bonus process quite well. But i guess that was just finishing the wagering requirement, and obviously he has different rules than us, I never though there would be a limit on max bets, stupid thing is on my first bit hit the max is 7CAD and I was only betting 10CAD anyways so easily could have just used 7 instead had I known) Thanks for reading and your input/help, am just very sad/confused this morning. Cheers, Steve S from Canada
  4. Hello there, after my registration at roshteins partner casino "Slotwolf" on sunday I wagered the bonus and made a decent win of about 400€ the same day. Since this was just the second online casino I have ever registered in my live I was so happy and decided to directly cash it out. Unfortunatly the support declined my withdraw today, removed my funds and deactivated my account for any upcomming bonus. They said the reason would be having multiple accounts which is definitily not true. Fun fact: They did not deactivate my account. I can still play but I cant activate bonuses anymore. I immediatly told them that they are wrong. I havent got any multiple accounts and I am willing to send my passport and salary papers for verification. They just respond to this with "the decision is final". Of course they are not allowed to share me the account names or send me any approve of me having multiple accounts. Hopefully I will get some support of Roshtein and get my hardly wagered money back of my first win ever in a casino. Does anyone else have information on how I can proceed now? Best regards N0ske
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