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Found 5 results

  1. merch suggestions : As Roshtein said Streamelements asked for suggestions for the merch store im creating here a topic for that suggestions. + + my suggestion would be to have some cool Snapback-Caps or sandwich Caps with different logos of Roshteins emotes.+ + Have a nice day
  2. I redeemed the "Free Mug" item in store. When I go to the store in StreamElements, pick my mug (The one with rosh's logo on it) I get the message that my code isn't valid for this items. What do I do? Do I have to wait some time from the moment that I redeemed the free mug? Has anyone been in the same place like me? Sadge
  3. Hey Roshtein, I redeemed a $5 coupon code in the store a while ago and forgot that I have it, I just checked on SreamEements redemption page: I wanted to buy one of those awesome mugs but it says that the code doesn't work anymore: Wonder if I can get the points back? If not it's okay, it was my mistake. Thanks and have a nice day!
  4. Hi! I ordered t-shirt from the store about 2 months ago. im just wonderin when its coming? twitch name Maarzod
  5. Hi Rosh, i've contacted you several times before about my issue with redeeming 10k (hardly earned) points for a Roshtein chicken t-shirt. I still haven't got the t-shirt and to make it even more complicated i've bought another house and moved. I was wondering if my order of the t-shirt is still active or I just have bad luck and need to collect my points again? Hope to see you in a bit online.. Kind regards, William
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