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Found 4 results

  1. I don't have a twitch account, I'm a long time lurker, using twitch like classic TV without ever interacting - but I found that special bonus offer compelling. So I really need to vent my anger here. I used Roshteins Bonus for Horus - so far so good. I deposited 100 Euro, got 200 Bonus, all nice. Then, before playing even one spin, I was very disciplined and FIRST read the Bonus Terms an Conditions on their site. Those Terms made clear, that I had to memorize about like 100 slots, that I could not be playing on with bonus money. No automated warning or nothing. So I decided that this would be no fun at all to play with constantfear of playing on a slot i cant play bonus money on. I wrote to support that this was not acceptable to me and I would forfeit the bonus . They THEN told me, that for Roshteins Bonus there were DIFFERENT Terms and Conditions. That looked very strange to me, as I could not have known that. All of that killed the fun so I just told them to terminate my 1 day old account on which I never played any spin. They told me they need to take 10% of my money then. I told them that was okay, although I found it not really nice. They NOW tell me, I stil need to verify my account with all my private Data, like PAssport Copies and everything. I know casinos do that occasionally before allowing withdrawal, but I dont want to withdraw any winnings, I didnt use their service and they even take 10% for nothing. So why should I be forced to verify if I close my account for not being able to accept the Terms and conditions ? I will tell them to just take all of my money and close my account then, and no, I will not even use the money to play. That was the worst casino experience ever (its only my third ever casino so maybe I was just naive or lucky so far). So Rosh, if there is any chance, you can get them to just close my account and maybe even give me back part of my money, that i - agan - never used to play even a single spin - that would be awesome - but I guess u have a bit too much to do to micromanage your viewers problems like that ;) I dont even care about the money, I wouldnt have deposited if I couldnt afford to lose it all, but it still angers me, how they treated the matter. I dont have a twitch account, so you can oonly answer me here, if you even ever will find the time ;)
  2. This how the wheel run when the break is broken some mod please send this video to rosh , we got scam !
  3. Hello there, after my registration at roshteins partner casino "Slotwolf" on sunday I wagered the bonus and made a decent win of about 400€ the same day. Since this was just the second online casino I have ever registered in my live I was so happy and decided to directly cash it out. Unfortunatly the support declined my withdraw today, removed my funds and deactivated my account for any upcomming bonus. They said the reason would be having multiple accounts which is definitily not true. Fun fact: They did not deactivate my account. I can still play but I cant activate bonuses anymore. I immediatly told them that they are wrong. I havent got any multiple accounts and I am willing to send my passport and salary papers for verification. They just respond to this with "the decision is final". Of course they are not allowed to share me the account names or send me any approve of me having multiple accounts. Hopefully I will get some support of Roshtein and get my hardly wagered money back of my first win ever in a casino. Does anyone else have information on how I can proceed now? Best regards N0ske
  4. Hey guys this is my first time placing anything on a forum so i hope im doing it correct. I Started playing slots a lot of years ago and i won and lost a lot In playing slots and live casino like most of you Guys. anyway I have multiple accounts on a lot of casino site but i started playing Casimba casino because they offer a deposit bonus of 200%. Since i was already playing on Unibet i Wanted to open a new account , i lost all my money while wagering so i placed 20 euro in my new account and i got 60 euro. i started playing slots because playing on live casino was not possible while playing with the bonus money i got, so i started playing and suddenly i got a high win on immortal romance, my bet was 0,30 cent and i won 454,55 so i started the long journey of the wager i had to make. after winning i played for many hours and i managed to get my wager finished up to 90% i got another Nice win on money train and i ended up finishing my wager with a balance of 800 euro KLEEEN. ( the picture of money train was 485x in the end ) while waiting for www.casimba.com to accept my withdraws they asked for proof of adress and id card. so i provided them with everything they needed. Then 24 hours later they send me a Message that they confiscated all the winning on my account because i had my account to be in breach of clause 6 in the promotional terms associated with the welcome offer. i started chatting with a lady called Sara in live chat and she told me that iT is my mistake because while in the bonus i placed a bet higher then 5,0 euro on lightning roulette, this is a lie because i was not even possible to play live casino while on bonus cash. I play a lot on roulette but im not a high better so i know i Will never place 5 euro on a single number in roulette. I work as a cook so im not a rich Guy and winning 700 euro is like winning a lot for me and my girl. do you Guys know anything that i can do About this? I have read more about people that see this happen after winning a lot with a small deposit but they never got back there money. I never post in forums so im sorry if this is in the wrong section. if there is Anybody that can help me i Will be glad to hear iT.
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