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Found 25 results

  1. I really liked the hit or miss battle Rosh and Jay did. I think it would be really cool if we approach pragmatic to assist or fully develop an extension that links to our points. It would allows us to type in a command in our chat such as !play c xx. Where c=cell number and xx=bet amount. on the streamer side the extension needs to take an input from the streamer to know when in a bonus and ask the stream to know where to watch the scree. And when in a bonus it reads the screen to know where the wilds land. Upon end of the bonus the stream shall turn off tracking. The extension could be able to tell when the bonus starts and ends so it doesn’t count wilds in base game. But it needs to look for specific on screen queues that pop up from the bonus spin counter trigger and ending winning pop ups. the extension programming handles the rest. the goal for the chat is to be the last person or cell standing. The last cell standing is the winner and splits the points pool based on total bet amount. This can be taken further and can allow betting on multiple cells but to start 1 will allow for good testing. what’s everyone think? would you play?
  2. Hey rosh I get banned my user in twitch is marianocaspani I don’t know why I get banned I’m always watching your channel since More than 2 years please let me be back thanks
  3. Why have I been timed out for 285 days username is Loch18whit
  4. Hello everyone, I am Armaslots on Tik Tok that have been posting highlights of Roshtein. I know Roshtein called me out today, which is fair! I never asked his permission to post his clips. That being said, I am a big fan and supporter of his through watching his stream and using those precious points in the point store to support him through his affiliate links. When scrolling through Tik Tok, I see many people posting clips of Roshtein and pushing THEIR affiliate link down people's throats. I just wanted to share Roshtein's clips for a few reasons. 1. Broaden his viewership and support through a new platform. 2. Bring in new people to the website (Roshtein.com) and the stream so they can really get to know him and the community. (Many people DM the Tik Tok channel asking where to play slots and which casnios. In that case, if someone comments which casino, I reply with N1 Casino. If anyone DM's me, I direct them to either his stream OR the website. 3. Bring truth to all the new Brians on Tik Tok. There are many who say "monopoly money" or "Works for the casino" or best yet, "He owns the casino" haha. I have not forced my own affiliate link on anyone on Tik Tok and just want to support Roshtein on a new platform. I have also made ZERO revenue on the channel. Purely for entertainment and awareness for Roshtein. The statistics on the channel are incredible for only being up for one month. On that note, if Roshtein sees this... I am a huge fan, not only for the entertainment you bring everyone, but because you have helped me fight my gambling addiction and now I only gamble for fun and I have set a hard monthly budget on myself! With your blessing, I hope you will allow me to keep posting your highlights because it has brought awareness to many people around the world that wouldn't have known about you otherwise. I will be more than happy to talk to you privately if you would like! Cheers, Armaslots
  5. Hey , rosh ! Last year i redem the postcard , but after 8 -9 months of waiting ,i didnt get the post card ? Can i get my points back ? Or can i get postcard ?
  6. This how the wheel run when the break is broken some mod please send this video to rosh , we got scam !
  7. I want to show rosh the best setup ever But the end of video break the post rule (dont contain twitch channel ) I dont mean promoting my channel , just want you to see me in the chat xD My microphone is not working , Bonus happen suddenly no time to fix !. Then I open obs to record and put phone camera can into obs Hope some mod show this to rosh , he must see this one ! This is my video
  8. I dont even know you have working with CQ slots xD Just kidding , Its really look like you today
  9. Hi, I'm an professional Paint-Artist and i made a nice looking Rosh-painting. Watching him since he said he will make an FAQ Maybe he will send this picture to his Family as a postcard so they won't forget his face. LG Imdedimlul
  10. If anyone wanna buy roshtein authentic signature its only $1 000 000
  11. Gopety

    Madame Destiny

    Hey Rosh yesterday i hitted 5x scatters in Madame Destiny inside the bonus and gave me 1800+X..its my biggest win ever!!!
  12. Hello, finally caught up my 10k points for t-shirt, got the code, went to the store and my code aint working and i lost my 10k points as well, whatto do :(
  13. I have been watching the channel for a long time, and i have accumulated around 9200 points. With the thought in mind, that i soon will be able to get the T-shirt i have been wanting to buy for a few month it got me thinking... How to points work EXACTLY? I have no questions about the awarded points for a 100x bonus or win. it's the "idle awarded" points i'm uncertain about. In the Store panel under the stream it reads clearly "You will get rewarded 1 point every 10 minutes" My questions is then this. Are the points giving for consecutive 10 minuts watched? Is there a hidden integer value counting up seconds idependent of sessions? What if i watch the stream for 9 minutes, and the stream is restarted. Am i still rewarded my 1 point after the now remaining 1 minute? Does anyone know?
  14. Hello my name is Kyriie Martell. I am a 24 year old underground Rap artist from Canada! (8DhdKyriie) I love video games and many other things. I’m open minded, kind and collected. Follow me on PSN (wuddupdoe306), you can look me up on all major social media platforms under the name 8Dhd Kyriie or Kyriie Martell. I hope all of you enjoy your day! Take care!
  15. Hello Roshtein and everyone, Long story short, I have made a Mr.Green Casino account. I sent in the documents needed just in case of a big win! I initially deposited $300 and in turn, cashed out $350 with no problems at all! (I withdrew the $50 profit just to see if the casino is trustworthy enough for withdraws, so settle down Brians haha). Anyway, I deposited a total of $1400, and I got a big win! The totalled amount of the win was $3300! So i decided to withdraw and quit for the day while I am ahead. The following day, I try to see if my withdrawal was put through... INSTEAD, MY ACCOUNT WAS BLOCKED!!!! I am trying to deal with the problem via email, but that is a slow process on their end it seems. Live Chat apparently does not know the information I am looking for. SO BEWARE EVERYONE! IF YOU WIN TOO BIG, THERE IS A CHANCE YOUR ACCOUNT WILL JUST GET BANNED. ROSH, I hope you or one of your mods will see this and can help me. P.S. Hope you have fun in MURICAAAAAA
  16. I just lowered bet lol.. still a good balance boost tho!
  17. Just as a suggestion, please add a command for the extremely frequently asked questions in chat. I added a few of the top of my head in this pastebin: https://pastebin.com/QA9xejiF Please add to it / edit it / etc. in this thread if you come up with more, so we can eventually just link to a page on Roshs site whenever stupid any questions come up.
  18. Freshly made mix for you @Roshteinhopefully you can play it on stream
  19. Sorry that video has no sound, was recorded on the phone. Managed to get all symbols in free spins ? Maybe a good proposal for Roshtein`s next farming. :D Enjoy!
  20. Hey Brians! Couple of times i have try to find out what "roshtein" means, and why he made that nickname. His answer is he just like the name in the beginning of the RPG gaming period. But, maybe i have found out what i really means. Roshtein a.k.a Rothstein Arnold Rothstein, born in Manhatten New York, Muricaaaa in 1882. He was an American rocketeer, businessman and GAMBLER. He was also a mentor of future maffia boss Lucky Luciano. Wikipedia quote: While still a child, Rothstein begon to indulge in gambling, but no matter how often his father scolded him for shooting dice, Rothstein would not stop. In 1921, Rothstein was asked how he became a gamble, "I always gambled, i can't remember when i didn't. Maybe i gambled just to show my father he could't tell me what to do, but i don't think so. I think i gambled because i loved the excitement. When i gambled, nothing else mattered" Hmm, it actually looks like Rosh a bit. Arnold Rothstein Look at the hat Rosh always wearing, and look at Arnold Rothstein his hat, ALMOST the same. Roshtein End of the story. Roshtein = Rothstein! UNVEALED BRRORRR!!
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