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Found 7 results

  1. I redeemed the "Free Mug" item in store. When I go to the store in StreamElements, pick my mug (The one with rosh's logo on it) I get the message that my code isn't valid for this items. What do I do? Do I have to wait some time from the moment that I redeemed the free mug? Has anyone been in the same place like me? Sadge
  2. muddguts


    What’s the best way to boost points.
  3. Hi there, I bought a bonus for Slotty Vegas for the second time (1x 10€ & 1x 20€) at Rohstein in the store but still haven't received anything! Both were more than 5 days ago! I want to finally get this bonus ..... My Slotty Vegas Email Are: [email protected]
  4. Many bonus for slots in the points store do not work for people from Australia, such as myself. I have found that Viggoslots is a great site for Australians. Would it be possible to add free spins or some sort of deposit bonus's in the points store in the future?
  5. Hey @Roshtein and Turkish Fans Roshtein viewers from Turkey can not use their points on shop because all of those casinos are close to Turkey for playing. Can you please help us for solve this situtation? Bets10 and Mobilbahis under licenced of Betsson. I think they would help us.There is also many other online casinos which is open to Turkey. I can help you to talk to them about it if you want? Thanks and love from Turkey! Cheers ------ Turkish----- Merhaba Arkadaşlar, Bildiğiniz üzere Roshtein'ı izleyerek kazandığımız puanları Türkiye'ye açık olmayan siteler yüzünden kullanamıyoruz. Bu durumu değiştirmek için Turkiye'de kullanıma açık sitelerden olan ve Betsson lisansı altında çalışan Bets10, Mobilbahis veya Turkiye'ye açık olan diğer online casino siteleri ile yapılacak anlaşma bizi gerçekten mutlu edecek. @Roshtein ' nin bilgisi ve izni durumunda bu konuda yardımcı olacak arkadaşlar ve siteler olacağından eminim. Sizden bu durum ile alakalı ilginizi ve desteğinizi belirtmek veya çözüm sunmak için cevaplarınızı bekliyorum. Sevgiler ..
  6. I have been watching the channel for a long time, and i have accumulated around 9200 points. With the thought in mind, that i soon will be able to get the T-shirt i have been wanting to buy for a few month it got me thinking... How to points work EXACTLY? I have no questions about the awarded points for a 100x bonus or win. it's the "idle awarded" points i'm uncertain about. In the Store panel under the stream it reads clearly "You will get rewarded 1 point every 10 minutes" My questions is then this. Are the points giving for consecutive 10 minuts watched? Is there a hidden integer value counting up seconds idependent of sessions? What if i watch the stream for 9 minutes, and the stream is restarted. Am i still rewarded my 1 point after the now remaining 1 minute? Does anyone know?
  7. Hi Rosh, i've contacted you several times before about my issue with redeeming 10k (hardly earned) points for a Roshtein chicken t-shirt. I still haven't got the t-shirt and to make it even more complicated i've bought another house and moved. I was wondering if my order of the t-shirt is still active or I just have bad luck and need to collect my points again? Hope to see you in a bit online.. Kind regards, William
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