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Found 8 results

  1. I really liked the hit or miss battle Rosh and Jay did. I think it would be really cool if we approach pragmatic to assist or fully develop an extension that links to our points. It would allows us to type in a command in our chat such as !play c xx. Where c=cell number and xx=bet amount. on the streamer side the extension needs to take an input from the streamer to know when in a bonus and ask the stream to know where to watch the scree. And when in a bonus it reads the screen to know where the wilds land. Upon end of the bonus the stream shall turn off tracking. The extension could be able to tell when the bonus starts and ends so it doesn’t count wilds in base game. But it needs to look for specific on screen queues that pop up from the bonus spin counter trigger and ending winning pop ups. the extension programming handles the rest. the goal for the chat is to be the last person or cell standing. The last cell standing is the winner and splits the points pool based on total bet amount. This can be taken further and can allow betting on multiple cells but to start 1 will allow for good testing. what’s everyone think? would you play?
  2. Hello everyone, Would be interessting if Rosh vs. Jay play Yahtzee Doghouse edition. Here's a link to the google spreadsheet and a screenshot below how it could look. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1BnE4FVwC_5zddx5GGONacR3UihdxB2DajCKlCtpgQpE/edit?usp=sharing After x amout of time or 0€ balance they could see who did more points. (Each collum can only be won 1x)
  3. Well, when I saw the number of spins i thought "Diz iz it" but yeah, no houses were being built during 19 Spins. I know its not an Epic win, so if its not fitting just delete it, i couldn't find the Epic fail Section :)
  4. Hello Troops, I played the new Dog House Megaways (at the moment exclusive at rizk) and had a nice win. I played on my iPad and also made a Screen Record if anyone is interested :) Have a nice day!
  5. I Deposit 100€ with 200% Bonus from the Roshtein Store. Wager 100% done -> Withdraw 1200€ and 200€ more to play on the Site =) Bet: 0,4€ - Win: 131,18€ - 328x Bet: 0,4€ - Win: 145,95€ - 365x Bet: 0,4€ - Win: 128,80€ - 322x Bet: 0,4€ - Win: 200€ - 500x Bet: 0,4€ - Win: 252,02€ - 630x Bet: 0,4€ - Win: 299,14€ - 748x Bet: 0,4€ - Win: 193,20€ - 483x
  6. 960x bet! 50dinars (Serbian dinars) bet = 0,5eur WIN: 53490dinars = 480eur
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