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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys, maybe everyone knows this already, but maybe I'm not the only Casino Newbie here :) I just deposited 20€ in the SlotHunter Casino since I wanted to try a Bonus Hunt like Rosh (Could watch his stream the whole day...). Just a very small one... Unfortunately I didn't know that this was forbidden... After playing the 5 Bonusses I received, my balance was set to 0,00€ At first I thought this seems to be a technical issue, but after a small conversation with a support agent I learned that you are not allowed to do this... To be honest this hurted a lot... It was absolutely unneccassery to delete all my money since I was still far away to wager enough... Does anyone know why Rosh is allowed to do this? I think it is dangerous when he promotes the Bonus Hunt, and in the casinos he promotes on the Website this is not allowed... This felt just wrong. It was only 20€, but still I lost a lot of trust in casinos ( maybe you should always be suspicious?) So if anyone is new and wants to try this: don't choose SlotHunter... Adam 03:41:12 pm Hello. How may I help you? Marco Simonis 03:41:27 pm Hi, sorry, I just used the contact form before I recognised the LiveChat. I just played some slots and won 5 bonusses. I decided to collect them and open them all together. When I opened them I won something but my balance didn't change. I played Razor Shark(won 7,92€), Lost Relics, Book of Dead, Legacy of Dead and Midas Golden Touch. Could you please check this and solve the problem? It would be nice if I could continue playing. Adam 03:49:20 pm Sorry, but as i see you have resorted to bonus hunt, kept collecting bonus and delaying bets with several games without closing them, sorry, but that is violation of our T&C, the bets are lost as well as bonuses. Please note that you cannot collect bonuses in different games and delay bets, you must play only one game at a time and play any in-game bonus right away, without delaying it Marco Simonis 03:51:55 pm yes I wanted to try a bonus hunt as I have seen it on twitch channels like Roshtein. Since he also uses this casino I didn't know that it is a violation against the T&C. So how could I get back the money now? so i won't do this again, but in the german version "Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen" it doesn't say that this would be forbidden... So please don't tell me that you want to say that all my balance was deleted because I didn't open the bonusses right away... To be honest this doesn't feel right... Adam 03:56:12 pm Sorry, but due to violation it was lost, sorry elaying any game round in any game including free spins features and bonus features, saving them for later when you have no more wagering requirement and/or performing new deposit(s) while having free spins features or bonus features still available in a game is strictly prohibited. Players doing so automatically agree to have their bonus and associated winnings declared void. https://www.slothunter.com/bonus-terms-and-conditions Marco Simonis 03:58:19 pm okey... sorry I get it now. I read some articles... didn't want to violate anything ;) Is there anything you could give me as a goodwill... since I really like this casino... and to be honest this feels really hard since I didn't know Adam 04:02:11 pm Sadly so far i am unable to add anything so far :( Marco Simonis 04:03:50 pm So you just deleted all my money including my first pay? Is this even legal? But okey, guess I have to accept it and look out for another casino... that's very sad and disappointing... How could I give a good review for this casino anywhere in the internet? The design is great, but if you delete the balance when you do the bonus hunt which is promoted by someone who is doing a bonus hunt in this casino without being punished it feels very very bad... Adam 04:05:32 pm Sorry, but as you have violated the terms, and as i have provided you with the proof, there is nothing illegal or unfair Marco Simonis 04:10:03 pm okey, not illegal, but if you are honest, deep in your heart you know that it is unfair. So my wife was right that I will be scammed :D okey,lesson learned. Goodbye... thanks for your time, have a nice weekend and please try to put yourselfin my position. Then you will see that this was a very hard decision... and in the end you also loose money, since I would have spent more money here and the bonus was also still far away... Okey goodbye. Tomorrow I will login again and I hope that you changed your mind and redid the deletion... Adam 04:12:20 pm I do understand you, but sadly there is nothing i can do in this situation :( Marco Simonis 04:12:31 pm okey goodbye You archived the chat 04:12:36 pm Greetings, Marco
  2. Hope this helps! Great stream keep up the good work!
  3. heloee

    New Bonushunt

    Hey! Got a new and interesting type of bonushunt we should do. We should do a hunt with only one provider. And do that over and over and then compare them to eachother. Its cool an new, and we can then see what provider gives the best average wins. I know we have a list of that when we do a big hunt. But this will be fun for everyone and we can then play slots we dont playas much. Hope u read this Rosh.
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