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  1. Donald and Rosh discussing about the new doghouse building permits
  2. This is the King of Vegas, you know what happens in Vegas makes the troops get on fire :D
  3. Legendary Bro :D Check out also my first million Dollar piece here :D Cuz Ledgents deserve to be seen :D
  4. Egyptian Fortunes Bonus play with only 3 symbols
  5. Book of Fortune Make the slot sxplode <3
  6. Hey McChicken are you looking for special providers or is the only criteria a good deposite bonus and customer care? are you looking for some more benefits that the casino got like withdraws that cant be cancelled?
  7. How to make obs think the browser is 4:3 and not 16:9 resolution? in the new design theres alot lost space below the slot if it was possible to change the browser to 4:3 this could be filled up XD
  8. First of all we want to thank you alot for all the nice moments and houres that you share with us while we can fiver with you the things that we cant do, playing slots on this uncomparable level. To be honastly we wouldn´t mind if you could bring a bit of diversification in the coice of the slots you are running due to there are many slots existing but mainly you just go with those where you already hit decently before. There are other slots worth to be played beside bod reactoons and doghouse and especcially those newcommerslots that can pay unlimitad but that need to be first spent almost unlimmited to hit this mega win. Really please avoid those or at least donst spend so mouch on them, they are not healthy. Before investing 20k in them to maybe hit the mega big hit on it better invest 20k in 30% of my company that has a 125 % rtp : ) How do you like the idea of thatt we all can add slot "requests" eg here in the forum and they gonna be added to a random pick list and the system picks the one to be played like eg for 50 spins. This to be done with 3-4 slots on the stream to bring some more diversification to the slots : )
  9. Hey Troops, sometimes i like to twist the Lightning. But can it happen by accident that, the last months when i open Lightning most of the times the zero is the first number showen? I think every chances theres a system behind it when it happens more then three times. Someone experienced the same?
  10. This is redicolus deluxe... the one whos fakeing Roshs stream is so ashaming!## Channal Roshtein Live.... lol Fakeing the Time and date in the stream with overlay could puke about this. Stream got reported
  11. The day will come when Rosh gonna stream live from the soled out Camp Nou in Spain with 100k live viewers <3 <3 <3 <3 Wishes gonna come true <3 <3 <3 <3
  12. Nice GZ to the 1 € bet : )
  13. Damn i love this guy, he´s my heroin and i´m on turky, need my daily dose Roshdicition to survive the days : / No news on Insta makes it hard : /
  14. Some time ago on casumo on lightning Roulette. I was slotting with a friend who Connected himself via Teamviewer to my PC. On rolling the balls on lightning, he suddenly toled me that Theres a bug with the Roulette and he cant see the Numbers in the hit numbers filed. Also the current number couldn be seen by him. Strange about this is, that the field where the number should ne shown was colored and he also saw the color red. After i asked him what exactly hes meaning he sent me some Screenshots. I couldnt belive my eyes, this couldnt be a Bug created by Teamviewer lag or bad Connection. Everyrhing in his Screenshot was Like in my screen only the number itselfs where Missing. This lead me to the thought thaz theres only one way how this can happen. I got hacked by some real exped ppl aswell as i already found crazy shit deep inside my pc that shouldn be there. Pay Attention for man in the middle Attacks on slotting, really dont know how ppl find Out the casino customers but seems Like Theres a big Thing Happening with the deposits WE are sending to the Casinos that got shown ass deposits in the Casino but actually its Just Made the was that It lookes Like IT got the Balance in the Account. In real its Just an overlay in the own System that got hacked ans the deposits goeing directly to other bank Accounts. Check your pcs dir hidden rootserver and opened Ports. Trust your Feeling that Something ist wrong with the Casino esp the rtp Check your system twice. Just a good advice from someone experienced in finding system fails. To be on the safe Side i gonna Block all localhost Connections including all avalible Ports in my host File. You now maybe thinking, wtf localhost... What ur talkink Shit... Go find the localhost::Port thats opend and you can go for trace where in the system a Hidden server ist running. And yas ofc the time on casumo i löst everyrhing depositing, IT was Like thanks dir your deposite please deposite again. Check your Systems for every litle Detail, before you recognise that your Not depositing to the Casino while you think you do so.
  15. After depositing 200 € to sunmaker and a real nice winnging stream up to almos 10k i tryed to withdraw the money. There was the error shown that this iban is not supported at this moment. Eventhough i made the deposite from this bankaccount. My roommate who was gambling with me that night toled me that he hade the same situation once before and also couldn´t withdraw and also couldnt reach the support. Finally until he gambled all the stake and had only little bugs left he again was abled to withdraw. Same with me. That sucks alot. Fells like scammed by the casino
  16. Missing the click cklick cklick alot and its time that our master of casino gonna return. When will it happen?
  17. thanks jj : ) final amount was round about 4000 € yep ;) i like risk playing, all or nothing in basegame, alwas do hope for something like full line A or K, its a nice booster then : )
  18. 20 + 20 cent bets... 60fs almost 4000€ cashout WhatsApp Video 2019-08-31 at 11.29.08.mp4
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