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  1. aaaaitsch XD im soory bro better luck next time XD it only can get better XD
  2. hey but... lets get back to the main element XD @Storyxhow do you like the idea? i think theres no other streamer on twitch who already running this ?
  3. XD wow i cant use the contact button, my pc says i cant get verifyed ass human, youve already added reecaptcha v3 in here? ayyayay sent pn on twitter XD
  4. Hi sorry for the link, i just wanted to show rosh in live the system ive created to create more benefits for the community : ) i didnt ment to post the link to promote the affiliate site : ) i gonna text you on insta my self created 31bit clientseed: osdi4aogbhn7twpor54jgbinwrorwz65 XD well i cant pn you on insta XD ok ill post my clientseed to roshs goat pic on insta XD well i even cant pn you here on forum XD aiitsch i gonna pn the clientseed have a look there @Storyx
  5. Hi Rosh id like to ask you if you could add a bitcoin feature in your forum. You got so many viewers every day and we spend like hundrets and thousand of houres together with you ❤️ To bennefit your viewers it would be awesome to have an categroy faucetting in here where we can redeem free btc/satoshi every houre. Usually faucetting is wrking with browsermining so that a lil part of the cpu is mining btc while visiting a page. This btc/satoshi also can be used by us for slotting. If you got time Rosh let us know your thoughts about it : ) Think many viewers would love some system like this : )
  6. Hey Friends, today id like to talk to you about the pretty casino Drückglück. after hitting 5 scatters on 5 € and 4000 € profit, i tryed to withdraw the money. After uploading my documents for verification ive aksed some days later the customers service if any documents are missing. Nothing was missing and i was asked to wait for another day due to the withdrawrequest was already sent to the financeteam and the info that the money should be on my bankaccount within 24 houres. some days later i still didnt got the money. so i asked the cs again. theyve toled me to please send the missing documents. actually i didnt recieve any email with the information to upload any other documents. so ive sent the required document directly to the customers service in the chat. its been a screenshot from my bank account what was missing. after asking if this document is fine like this ive recieved the answer, that the quality of the screenshot is to bad and they cant read the text on it. its a screenshot done with rightklick on the page - take screenshot - fullpage.... this screenshot is like higher resolution than the monitor can show XD so ive repeated it and they toled me ok fine the money will be sent within 24 houres. some days alter ive asked the cs about my money. they toled me that its not in their hands now cuz i withdrawing with netteller and netteller will send me an email where i fave to reply to. the withdraw confirmation email from netteller.. never heared about it... so ive been waiting for the netteller confirmation email, in where "customers service written: i have to reply to the email from netteller that i want to recieve the money on my netteller account" No email came. some days later again asked for the verification process and about my money. again i got the answer that they still need required documents like written in the email. i didnt ever recieve an email... so i again sent my documents, this time by mail, all togehter. waiting again. actually after waiting almost 3 weeks and mo email or money came ive decided to chat the customers service again. they toled me oh theres a mistake been internally but the money now is on the way to my bank account. two days later ive decided to take the 4 k ballance and just kill it. a week ago a friend of mine also won on drückglück 2000€ he also had same problems with the verification. he didnt recieve mails in where he was informed that documents are missing or other mails. after talking to the cs he finally recieved an email. the content of this email: please check your uploaded documents and id card if its not in black/white color. ive been with him when he uploaded all the documents, its the same documents he used to verify on other casinos without problems. finally he also was waiting for at least 2 weeks to just say give a fkkk for this casino they scamm around and also than killed the ballance. if anybody in here got the same or similar experience with drückglück please replay to this topic. the casino got a german license and theres no way to accept a german licensed casino is scaming german customers.
  7. Some mod pleaaase, del the iframe part i cant edit it anymore XD
  8. https://clips.twitch.tv/PlacidPerfectCheetahGivePLZ
  9. Hi Rosh and Troops, the last 10 days i won alot, ofc not in Rosh size but eg i made a deposite 300 € and the peak was a stack of 1600 €. I decided to withdraw at least 1200 € but i also thought comornlets go for one more slot. After this slot i run already below 800 € so i thought bah that could have been a pretty sweet cashut 1600 €. Some slots later i was broke. So next day i again made a depsite f 300 € an again hit a stake of 1200 € s this time i really wanted to withdraw 1000€ But than again droppt under 1000 €. In the end again Broke. Next day the casin gave me a cashback 100 €. Somehow i went to 3300 € and again i toled myself goo cashout 3000 € NoW but klick klick klick 2500.... klick klick klick 1000. This time i really made the 1000 € withdraw. On waiting for accont verification i again took the 1000 and ran it dwn to 600. Thats the amount i than really withdrawed. 600€ from 6600 € !!! afterwards its hurting alot to see there culd now be 6k on he bank instead of 600€. The next days same procedere,with small deposits 50-100 € made it at leaset 3 times to 1000€ + and one time to almost 3k. This time i made a withdraw of 1k + 1k +200 + 100 +100 from other 50 € deposites. all in all i could have withdrawn in this period of time 13000 € but i made a final withdraw of 3000 € .... Theres missing 10000 € Roshtein whatts your advice to keep me away from risking to loose the big wins money again and just withdraw it ? Maybe you could add a poster from yourself to the shop like this below with a slogan on it like know your limits or you are allowedd t push on withdraw so klick now or any other motivation words so we who got this problem wont forget about what ur idol would do after a high win. r maybe you got a trick how to make yurself go widraw he profits before they are gone ?
  10. yas and i also broke the gamble ladder ot the top, but ofc on small bets like 1 € :)
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