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  1. The last batch was sent in December, it's possible you may have just missed this window by a few days, but more likely your postcard just got lost in the post. We don't generally refund points for lost post cards because it's very hard / impossible to verify what happened to it.
  2. Probably best to contact StreamElements directly, rather than here, they seem to be AFK.
  3. Ok then you need to just be patient, that is a very large sum of money and the chances are the casino will be checking over your session very carefully. There is no reason N1 would scam you, especially since you've cashed out before, your account is verified and you're not tied to any bonus terms. Just wait it out and stop panicking.
  4. Did you use a bonus when you deposited or was it a raw balance?
  5. My advice would be to just be patient, some of these Curacao licensed casinos don't really seem to be too keen on giving you your money or verifying your account too swiftly. Sieger for example some people waited 2 weeks+ for verification + cashout, so just wait on it for a while. If they reject verification or you are still waiting after 3 weeks give me a PM and I will try to help.
  6. Just wait, I thought you had cashed this money out already?
  7. !rename oldname in chat
  8. Should be fixed now. Check your mail.
  9. Yeah I know why that's happened, I will speak with Rosh.
  10. Please be patient, N1 will respond in due course. If you don't want to wait, contact them via the live chat or email.
  11. He was a bit late, but sent them out this morning, everyone who won and was not disqualified should have received one.
  12. Hi, I agree with you. These competitions are organised very quickly as a spur of the moment type of thing. This one I didn't really have a huge amount to do with, it was organised in my absence by Roshtein. Usually I write the posts myself from top to bottom but this time I didn't. I personally believe the decision to cancel it, was the wrong decision. I'm going to bring it to Rosh's attention, and try not to allow this in the future, especially when real money is being spent by people. I can't promise that this will be remedied, but just know I am trying to make these competitions better, more organised and fair for people in the future.
  13. Update: Roshtein is sending the 10k prizes within 1-2 weeks, and this weekend he will send an email to winners letting you know about the delay, ask for the addresses again just to confirm no one has moved etc. Once again sorry for the delay on this.
  14. I don't mind the Crazy Time streams but chat is an absolute disaster when he plays anything else now, we must have timed out hundreds of people yesterday requesting Crazy Time, makes me not want him to play it again when people disregard the rules entirely.
  15. Storyx

    Perm ban?

    Was only February, so not really that long ago. None the less, if you want unban use the unban form. http://roshtein.com/unban
  16. Removed, looks like an error by the bot.
  17. Usually you should use !rename oldname to transfer the points but I don't think this will work since the majority of your points were on your first name. You can try it, Do !rename Always_here_4_you in Twitch chat. If that doesn't work you can do !rename coronadrip which should definitely work but it will only restore around 400 points.
  18. I've been reading quite a few complaints about very slow cashouts and verification for your first withdrawals, so you might just have to wait I'm afraid.
  19. Removed, not really sure why you were banned for that.
  20. You're unbanned. Seems like an error by the bot.
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