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  1. Stop talking out of your ass please, next time you'll be banned. Locking this thread since you conspiracist idiots can't behave.
  2. Same reason every other affiliate website posts shit about him man, haven't you heard this concept explained before? Notice all those affiliate links down the side of the page? Why would they want to promote him and send people his way when they can talk shit and get all the traffic for themselves?
  3. What do you mean what's going on with it?
  4. We removed posts about the slot here to keep it a surprise for as many people as possible. I don't know why they changed the name, nor does it really matter.
  5. In case you were wondering, here is an example of a good application from our (now moderator) MetalMaria.
  6. DeuceAce Stream Moderator Applications 2020 Late streams and a lot of Brians has required us to look for a few more moderators to join the team on Jay's channel. This will not make you a moderator at Roshtein's channel. If we decide from your application that you might be a good pick, you will not be modded straight away. You will be observed for your behaviour for some time, it will then be decided internally if you will become a full moderator. Please do not contact me or any other mod / streamer for updates regarding your application. You will see updates in this thread or you will be contacted. What is involved moderating DeuceAce's stream? A lot of people don't realise that a lot of work goes on outside of the stream too. We're not just banning Brians in chat, there is always something happening in the background. Whether it's a new stream layout, emotes, website stuff, programming. All sorts of stuff is constantly buzzing away keeping this stream running. It's up to you how involved you want to be, but at a minimum we like every moderator to be involved in keeping the chat KLEEN. Since Jay is a close friend of Roshtein you will also be joined by several Roshtein mods who have no life and stay up all night. They will teach you what to look out for and how to be a good mod. The same rules basically apply on Jay's channel as they do on Roshtein's channel for the time being, until Jay makes his own rules. How to Apply In order to apply you should have the following: Minimum of 6 months following Roshtein on Twitch. No exceptions. You must be a regular in chat, less than 1000 messages and you will be rejected. No exceptions. You must be available for late night streams (11pm CEST onwards) You must have less than 15 timeouts (not including sacme). You must have 0 chat bans (excluding joke bans). You must be over the age of 18. You must be able to speak clear English, other languages are a bonus. If you meet the above application requirements read on. If not, please do not apply we will ignore it. Sorry! Once you have applied, we want to see the following from you in chat: Being active in chat, and not just spamming emotes and memes. Helpful and friendly behaviour between yourself and Brians. Reporting bad behaviour to the mod team. Active on the forum and Discord is also a bonus. Bonus points if you have a digital skill which can be useful to us (such as programming, graphic design, video editing etc). Application Results If your application was declined you will have a message appear in red against your application stating the reason. Please don't be discouraged if you are declined, you are welcome to apply again in the future. If your application was accepted for review, it will state that it was accepted in green. This does not mean you have been shortlisted, it just means we will review it internally. Again, this DOES NOT mean you are getting mod. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Application Form (apply as a response to this thread) Have you read the criteria to apply using this form?: Twitch Username: Age: Current Country: How long have you followed Roshtein? (You can find this by typing in chat and clicking your own name): How much time are you able to dedicate to moderating?: What times are you typically watching the stream?: Why do you want to be a mod for DeuceAce?: Do you have any digital skills we might find useful?: Are you a moderator for any other channel?: Please write a brief introduction of yourself:
  7. @addepou @LilaTook @mrwh4le Still waiting on your packages to be sent, post offices are extremely busy and short staffed due to corona or something.
  8. You can just install this browser addon: https://www.frankerfacez.com/
  9. Fair enough, Jay has expressed he was interested in streaming for several weeks and it's clear that he does enjoy slots. Not everyone is out to get you. I'll close this thread now since you've said what you needed to say.
  10. Storyx


    I've unbanned you but get your shit together. 19:15djmickre: Your worst stream in 4 years 20:24djmickre: Very boring games 21:16djmickre: Your worst stream ever uninteresting
  11. No idea what the first post said since it's been removed, but sorry if you felt mislead. Rosh has been very open about the fact though recently. Probably just an oversight.
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