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  1. Yes and how do you even manage to format your post like that?
  2. Update: Prizes are being sent out tomorrow. If you want a tracking number you need to send an email requesting one, but don't do it until tomorrow after they've been sent.
  3. You have the right to your opinion, just as much as we have the right to ban you for bringing such negativity to our channel.
  4. PM me your email address to check please.
  5. Guys if you replied to the email from Rosh, you don't need to do anything. Just wait patiently.
  6. I just got updated by the man himself, the emails that were sent are the only emails that will be sent. I appreciate it was an accident, but if you do things correctly the first time this wouldn't happen. Writing your full name is very simple. So just to be clear, no more emails will be sent, if you did things wrong then it's tough luck I'm afraid.
  7. How does a company take over a year to notice 590,000 went missing, jeez.
  8. Sorry if you typed your name incorrectly then disqualified means disqualified. We were extremely clear on that in the terms and conditions. Unless Rosh decides otherwise, which is very unlikely at this point since the emails are already sent. Sending money is a sensitive process which is why we are so strict on this.
  9. "It's your responsibility to make sure that the information provided by you is accurate, otherwise you will be disqualified. You have to include: - Twitch username - Your First and Last name - Country of residence - Date of Birth - Email" It clearly states first and last name. Not the "first letter of your last name". Not sure how much clearer it can be. Sorry, not trying to sound condescending but it really couldn't be any simpler.
  10. You have to write your full name when you enter on Gleam. Gleam automatically hides your last name on the public winners list for privacy. Rosh is given your full name, which is a requirement to enter the giveaway.
  11. You put the letter "Z" as your last name, so that's why. If you can't manage to fill your name out correctly you get disqualified.
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