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  1. Almost all software used on stream is coded by developers on the team and is unfortunately not available to the public.
  2. You're unbanned, I have absolutely no idea why you were banned, obviously this was some kind of mistake. Sorry about that.
  3. Just FYI, whoever was working at Fantasma during this giveaway has since left and they have essentially basically bailed on the giveaway so nobody will receive prizes unfortunately. I've been trying to get updates on this for a long time and that's the only thing I've managed to hear. It's bullshit I know, but nothing I can do about it myself.
  4. There, I declined you. Try a different approach with your attitude next time, please and thank you! For future reference to anyone reading this, this is not how you ask for an unban. It's also not any moderators job to read your unban application. If you get banned by accident you are welcome to whisper any mod and politely ask for them to review it.
  5. Storyx


    You can not have multiple accounts, especially if one is banned. Apply for unban on your main account.
  6. This is a giveaway thread, not the support forum.
  7. You will need to contact Jays mods for confirmation.
  8. That is the deal he has negotiated with the casino as he spends a lot of money with them and sends a lot of players their way. Nothing more to it than that.
  9. No, you cannot subscribe to Rosh. Not sure why StreamElements have that on the store, might just be a default thing they have for everyone.
  10. He's fine and knows what he's doing, but thanks for the concern.
  11. Yes you will, but you can type !rename oldname in chat and recover the points.
  12. I don't really understand the point you're trying to make here, are you concerned for his well-being or are you complaining because you don't like the style of content the stream has evolved into? Roshtein is fine and completely in control of his own behaviour, and secondly if you don't like the direction the stream has taken then that's perfectly fine. Nobody is forced to watch, and the man can certainly not please everyone.
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