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  1. I'll ask him to comment on this but if you are not profiting from it, and Rosh has no official presence there I can't see it being an issue since it's literally just fan made content. For future reference anyone looking to use Rosh's content for any reason should ask permission beforehand, whether by asking a mod who can forward the message or Rosh himself.
  2. Nope, you need to make a new account.
  3. You can't really, I can ban you if you'd like?
  4. N1 have been bonus banning people for a while now, not sure why they're doing it but I guess they're cracking down on people spamming Rosh's store bonuses. Never play on casinos with more than 1 account / person per household usually ends up with more of a head ache than it's worth. I'll add you to the refund list, please confirm your Twitch username.
  5. Waiting until Sunday for everyone to reply.
  6. You need to make a 20 euro deposit between every bonus you claim yes. If you didn't receive a bonus please make a refund thread here: https://forum.roshtein.com/forum/50-general-store-problems/
  7. The last batch was sent in December, it's possible you may have just missed this window by a few days, but more likely your postcard just got lost in the post. We don't generally refund points for lost post cards because it's very hard / impossible to verify what happened to it.
  8. Probably best to contact StreamElements directly, rather than here, they seem to be AFK.
  9. Yes it is 1 per item and per order.
  10. Ok then you need to just be patient, that is a very large sum of money and the chances are the casino will be checking over your session very carefully. There is no reason N1 would scam you, especially since you've cashed out before, your account is verified and you're not tied to any bonus terms. Just wait it out and stop panicking.
  11. Did you use a bonus when you deposited or was it a raw balance?
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