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  1. First of all i know what is pRNG but i disagree, For example if You would ask a provider like Pragmatic about this, they would say that all their slots its based on RNG (which i'm in highly disbelief). Slots are programmed to the measure where the provider is not losing. What does that mean is that You can not beat him, but You can compete with him. But only if You understand some basic concepts of programming, also how probability works and also how to adapt that concept in to slots( which I won't explain here, but you understand it's the right thing to do). I'm not gonna go in to details cause we would need some enormous data, which is actually not hard to obtain but it takes time. People like Rosh and Train value time more than money, which means that if they spend less time on a particular slot, they have a better chance of hitting "lucky win" than earning money to earn. . Obviously they would want to know how it works, cause then the could solve it and win a big money with on a big bet size really quick . My point is that they don't know how it works, so they would rather spin slot faster. A hint: try to think about how a real machine slot works vs a digital one. Good luck in gambling
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