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  1. That is not a "fact", you saying it's "boring" is just your subjective opinion. If you don't like it then don't watch.
  2. To be honest I don't mind Train, I actually think he is a awesome dude and has that contagious bro mentality but there have been times where I feel he just lacks respect and has the need to walk over others opinion despite being wrong or right. I don't know if Rosh is serious about his stream being family friendly but Train has no respect for it, he would blatantly swear, ignore and ridicule it. Not to mention the way Train speaks to his friends on his own Podcast is downright sad, he insults them but tries to use the "i love you man" but... continues to insult them with name calling and passive aggressive behavior which was what I saw on his latest Pod with Rosh on it. Another thing I'm picking up on though lately is I feel there is some envy in the air and I was afraid this was gonna happen, and again its the passive aggressive points and the guys always questioning Rosh's success and wins. So all in all, I don't mind it because I'm there to support our boi but i understand the frustration of those who don't like Train in chat.
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