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  1. @RoshteinIf you really have package could you resend it back please?
  2. @Roshtein How did go with my package. I think you already got it back so I wonder what happen with that if you could resend it or I also send you mail to [email protected] I hope I can get answer soon.
  3. About packages @Roshtein can you call Postnord to extend time to pick up packages because I won't be able to pick up package in time I'm sick and I forgot that I didn't renew my ID card in time so need a few more weeks. If it were identify with Mobile BANK ID I could have pick it up Sorry I know you are busy guy @Roshtein but hopefully you could help me. I called them myself but they say they sender need to do it. I reply to private message for [email protected]
  4. Even if they have same first letter in surname it can't be possible they have same email adress unless you wrote it wrong and if you didn't get email from Roshtein Store that's mean you didn't won.
  5. Just got it but the problem I can't pick it up . I need to renew my ID licence LUL.
  6. When everyone get this early I felt something wrong.
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