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  1. This means. Oh I waited 1 year for no Reason? And i wont get anything?
  2. 10. The tournament will start on the 18:00 CEST 29th January 2020 and end on the 23:59 CEST 29th February 2020. 29 days till a year of waiting is finally over and the next year of Waiting can beginn.
  3. I gonna ask on the 1st of March 2021 again, then its my anniversary
  4. i even feel bad for asking. As i attended i was like no way i will win anything, and was just doing it for fun to look how far far i can come. I understand if the winner of the meet and greet is disponed cause of this shitty virus which ruins everyones 2020 which should be the year to achieve lifegoals. But if there is a price which takes like 1 minute per winner i dont umderstand why it takes months to take action. I know this is a private business and your doing a fantastic job by entertaining us rosh. Which I would never criticise cause u are doing a reaö entertaining show. But as I "won" i just want my 50€ bonus cash which i will waste in 5 minutes anyways and wont even cash out >~<. Thank you rosh btw u helped me to overcome gambling addiction. I wasted over 50k€ in my entire life but never gave up and got now a 80k€/year job in germany
  5. Hey Rosh and Storyx I dont know if I am taken seriously but I wait for over a half year now to receive only 50€ Bonus Money which I guess I wont be even able to cash out from the Fantasma Giveaway on Mychance Casino. Called Aim for the the Starz where I Invested Real Money and got to #5 I guess the Challenge didnt got the attention as they wanted. So fantasma just thought of they don't care. But as fellow troop of rosh I am disappointed. I didnt even receive the postcard i ordered over 7 months ago. I am sad. Montanablack wouldnt approve this.
  6. Waiting for over a half year now for aim 4 the starz price
  7. If it's not Possible to receive the original price from aim to the stars tournament, i would also just take something else
  8. Aim for the Stars - Fantasmagames, havent received any Info or PM from Fantasmagames for beeing #5 neither the 50€ Bonus cash on MyChance Casino. Fantasmagames logged in last time on 9th March? Is there any Information, if there will be a reward for attending the Tournament?
  9. Montecarlo ranked #5, a aprox time when i get the 50€ bonus money, w8 for nearly a half year xD
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