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  1. Thanks for answer, i really really appreciate that :)
  2. holy crap bro, amazing win, i hope u withdraw all that money. :) Enjoy it and make break ;)
  3. Finally i got my new record, it was small bet and that hit was on the last spin. I had 7 spins before waiting for the last wild in second reel.. It would be fucking amazing if that wild showed before but still its a nice win :) also i just got a nice hit on 1 bonus too :)
  4. Dystopian Jose Ayen ;)
  5. Greetings everyone, i just wonder if someone got something like this... I just got email from Slotty Vegas: Dear Uros, i trust this email finds you well. I would like to inform you hat a managerial decision has been taken and you will no longer be given any items purchased from the Roshtein Store from today onwards. Any purchases made will be accepted up till yesterday, and I believe you have a 200% match already in your account. I hope you accept the decision. We will inform Roshtien’s team of our decision also. Thank you for your understanding. I would like to know what is the reason that i cant get anymore bonus from store? Does any1 got something like this?
  6. holy fucking crap!!! amazing bro, i hope you cashed out ! enjoy your money :)
  7. It was fucking amazing day!!! I am low level casino player but still this was amazing... I just deposit 50e with 200% deposit bonus on slotty vegas from Roshtein store and then i hit this sweet bonus.
  8. Wow nice one, good job bro :)
  9. My deposit was 29 euroes and i have withdraw 2k :) No point to lose it back :) tnx bro <3
  10. Almost x2000, not big bet since i m low casino player :D
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