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  1. You can ask any developer to make you custom build software. I am not available though, sorry.
  2. Jaiel


    Ok. If I feel like I have free time to spare I mgiht reconsider changing it again if it helps the 4,5 people having a problem with it in chat some time in the future. Although a lto of things in real life dont feel intuitive but are in fact a correct way, I never did say anything is wrong or makes less sense. The only reason I would change it now is because I dont want to hear things like "wrong" or "makes no sense" from viewers. There is definitely a lot of confusion lately about the break even x lately because the betsizes between slots differ a lot in the hunts and now people start to notice that the naive/ordinary approach doesnt fit to the number they see. I will think about the problem if it still persists. Hope that's good enough for you guys
  3. Jaiel


    I jsut think it makes mroe sense to weight the average jsut like we do on avg x where you just add all x up and take the average. If we do it like that on avg X then on BEX we should do it similiarly. Also imagine with the standard average method this extreme example: Breakeven = 1,000,000€ 1. Book 0.000 000 000 001€ bet 2. Garga 1,000€ bet BEX standard ~ 1000x, because 1,000,000€/(0.000 000 000 001€ + 1,000€) ~ 1,000 Now imagine a "super big hit" on BOD (of 1€) Here even if we hit a 1,000,000,000,000x with that 1€ win on BOD the BEX would still be 1,000x. Which you could argue also doen't make sense because even if we hit such an astronomical X the BEX didn't chnage one bit, and all that because the lower bet was not considered/not weighted a bit into the calculation. So that is why you should line out your standards of how you want some stat to be interpreted. We simply use weighted average on BE-X because we do the same on AVG-X as they both are tightly coupled in some sense and should be calculated the same way in the end.
  4. Jaiel


    Ok maybe also why it was chosen like this: The "avg x" is the average X each slot got in the opening. Likewise the break-even-x should be the average X each slot has to get to break even. And both stats are calculated with respect to individual betsizes. This makes more sense to me for those stats than assuming the same average betsize for every slot. Be it for average x or breakeven x. Example. The BEX is assumed at the opening with no results yet: A: Your method B: What we use Start = 2000€ Opening = 0€ End = 2000€ Breakeven = 2000€ 1. Book 1€ bet = 1000€ win (1000x) 2. Garga 1000€ bet = 1000€ win (1x) A: Avg X = 2x, BEX = 2x B: Avg X = 500x, BEX = 500x I think our method B works out nicer for avg x and be x. But thats just my opinion. For further reading on weigthed vs ordinary means for example on wikipedia: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weighted_arithmetic_mean
  5. Jaiel


    I acknowledge that fact that it can make more sense to have 100x. I said we had both ways to calculate a break-even-x. There was a decision made a year ago already to drop one of and here we are. Both have as I said different interpretations. You are seeking a break-even-x that goves you the answer to "what x does every slot needs to break even if we take the average bet". And the other method gives you the answer to "what x does every slot needs to break even if we consider their respective bet". Edit: I think you misunderstand the fact that I am aware of different calculation methods that have different interpretations. None of them is wrong. You can have different means/averages in statistics that differ in their interpretation. Let me ask you one thing: how would you calculate the average x of each slot? Would you 1. Take the average win and divide by the average bet or... 2. Take each x and average them out? Like 10x and 20x makes 15x average Now think about break even x same way. You suggest to do 1 here but we do 2. How can one or the other be wrong in your opinion and state your standards why you define one interpretation as wrong over the other.
  6. Jaiel


    I got you. So here is how the math works. Imagine S being a set of bonuses that are noted as pairs of bet and result. U is a subset of those elements in S which have a result lower than €0, as to mark them as not opened yet. O is a subset of S which have a result of €0 or more. Then we also have the starting balance and the current balance. With those balances we can calculate the amount to break even. And with that amount and the amount of unoponed slots we can calculate the break even amount every slot has to contribute to break even in total. With this break even amount per slot and the betsize of each slot we can calculate the break even x every slot has to contribute with respect to their betsize to break even. It's that easy. And here is some formulas I came up with. In the last line I pulled the breakeven amount per slot out of the sum formula and substituted break even per slot with the total break even divided by the amount of unopened slots because that formula looks much better than the longer ones. It also eliminates the need to calculate the break even per slot. (But as always you sometimes have to go a longer way and come up with long formula jsut to see in the end that you can crunch them down even further) Formulas: Example with 3 slots and the first slot already opened: Hope this makes it now even more clear how it is calculated. Have a good day!
  7. If you know how to code: I used JavaScript + VueJS + Electron + NodeJS. Thats for the tools used, the rest what you do with those is up to you and your skills.
  8. Jaiel


    The break even is calculated as the average of every single break even x of the unopened bonuses. The basis is the total break even amount divided by the amount of unopened slots to determine the break even amount each slots has to get and the x to get there is calculated for every unopened slot with respect to the betsize. I think that what you suggest can be called the ordinary break-even-x and what we do is the weigthed break-even-x because it takes the different betsizes of each slot into account instead of jsut going with the average betsize. In the beginning we had both numbers on the list even but dropped the ordinary one off because the weigthed makes more sense to me. tl;dr: Imagine there is a break-even-x in the list for every slot behind the "Multi" column, we add them togetehr and divide that sum by the amount of still unopened slots to get to the overall break-even-x. -> Just like we do to get the average multiplier in the end
  9. There is no public API and no free of charge giving away of data is planned in the near future for now
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