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  1. @Storyx Hi there, still no news? Many many many years waiting?
  2. @Storyx Are there already trackingscodes for us? Or are there no trackingscodes for us?
  3. I know, thank you! I am kinda upset at the moment right now, I really did everything. Thank God I have proof. Hope he will check it out soon, right now I really cannot fully enjoy the stream to be honest, bit shocked. Thanks again and good day.
  4. I checked again, and sent it Again, to proof it. I replied 29 june 2020. So what now? Your mistake ! I hope i will still receive the prize anyway, wow. :(
  5. @Storyx I am LilaTook, and my new twitch name is Captain_Jack_Sparrow_ . I DID sent an reply email back immediately when i received it , with ALL my information in it, including my username LilaTook and i also announced that i changed it to Captain_Jack_Sparrow_ Please what do i do now then? Send another email or what? :(
  6. Hey good looking funny man, I have a suggestion. Why don't you add tanktops in your store? I would love that! T-shirts are just a bit standard and women like me prefer to wear tanktops :). Keep entertaining us and always stay positive, thanks and love you! <3 Cheers, Mandy (Captain_Jack_Sparrow_ )
  7. Um.. Sorry to bother, but I still havent received a track/trace number nor the prize? Did Rosh even sent it already or not? I really hope he did.. I counted on him to be honest. Anyone know more?
  8. Filthy Pirates (no idea what provider.. im sorry long time ago for me)
  9. I keep on checking here if there's any news, i won too. changed my username on twitch though, it was LilaTook. Will we get an email if there's any news or do have to check here still? Thank you. :)
  10. Hey all my name is Mandy. 34 year old female from the Netherlands! I always watch roshtein when he live streams. That guy makes me laugh so hard most of the times. I have had a real tough year this year. Rosh really helped me through some very hard times with his live streams. Always making me smile. Such a hilarious man. Keep up the good job, Rosh thank you! Cheers!
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