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  1. Now when it's a 10% added fee on every single transfer then it's expensive AS fk to trasnfer let's say 90k points. Now we really need a custom amount, that would work with 10% fee.
  2. Hi Roshi, What about adding a custom amount option for the point transfer? Let's say I would like to transfer 90k points from Rosh to Andrew, it would take a long time just because of the cooldown and also the staff memeber that manages the transfer has to handle each and every request individually (i guess?).
  3. Bebbz0r


    Please have a look at, https://forum.roshtein.com/category/96-slot-requests/
  4. Good one! So high x on many jars could be alooooot more if a little more luck :)
  5. Hi Brians! Recommend me slots like.. Twin Spin & Queen of Riches :)
  6. Here you can see the points leaderboard, both current and all time high https://streamelements.com/roshtein/leaderboard Nobody has claimed an iPhone :)
  7. Gratz! At first glance it looks like a trash game tbh
  8. Omg! This game has so muuuuuch potential. Gratz!!!!
  9. It's fixed now, it was broken some hours ago. :)
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