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  1. Thank you @nh6plusplus for the answer. Sorry for the streamlabs thing, I always connect them two to eachother somehow. Your answer explains it all.
  2. First of all, dont post suspicious or unknown links. Later, most of us speak or understand English. I'm Swedish and understand everything you wrote and to be honest, it sounds a bit scammy with that link in there. If it's not, the only recomendation I have for you, is to pay attention to taxes when not playing on a online casino without a Swedish license.
  3. I can smell a bot from Gigabytes away.
  4. Nice win! Fun to see it pays for once. Congratulations
  5. Never knew they where Danish. Love them! Keep on rocking baby.
  6. Hi, A few months ago, Roshtein made an announcement live on stream that the webpage is going for a major update. But have not seen anything yet. Tried ask in live chat a few times but no answer yet. Any news?
  7. But what would happen if 100 people buy that same thing from the store? We still have the slot-requests here.
  8. mepparn


    Feel sorry for you mate. Not sure what you wrote but you should follow this link for the unban application https://forum.roshtein.com/topic/3435-unban-application-form-link/
  9. I guess you are asking if you can use Stake/Gamdom with an adblocker enabled? It depends on what blocker you use. uBlock works enabled with both. Using Brave Browser built in blocker, I have to disable it for Stake to be able to load Pragmatic games, but works for NoLimit and Play'n'Go. Not sure of Gamdom, but I guess the same there.
  10. --twitch-low-latency Enables low latency streaming by prefetching HLS segments. Sets --hls-segment-stream-data to true and --hls-live-edge to 2, if it is higher. Reducing --hls-live-edge to 1 will result in the lowest latency possible. Low latency streams have to be enabled by the broadcasters on Twitch themselves. Regular streams can cause buffering issues with this option enabled. --hls-live-edge SEGMENTS The lower the value the lower latency from the source you will be, but also increases the chance of buffering. --hls-segment-stream-data Immediately write segment data into output buffer while downloading. --hls-segment-threads THREADS The size of the thread pool used to download HLS segments. Minimum value is 1 and maximum is 10.
  11. Also, if you are using streamlink to watch Roshtein. I use these preferences with mpv as a player, with zero lag and no issues. streamlink https://twitch.tv/roshtein 720p60 \ --twitch-low-latency \ --hls-segment-stream-data \ --hls-live-edge 1 \ --hls-segment-threads 2
  12. I ordered a "free" mouse pad from DeuceAce using my points. It was sent from the US and I had to pay for toll and taxes to recive it to my address in Sweden. Cost me around $40 in total. The cost will problably go up because i have to pay taxes for what the mouse pad would cost in Sweden aswell, and it's on me to look up what it would cost to buy the same-ish item in Sweden and put a 25% tax on it. I know this is an issue with Streamlabs of where the items are shipped. if it's shiped within Europe, there would be no tax, toll or other expenses. The streamer has nothing to do with it. But i feel like there should be an option to choose. Can a streamer have a voice on that?
  13. There you go. Sorry mate. Wish you good luck and fortune on the casino you chose to play on. Edit: Roshtein recommends Stake and Gamdon as VPN friendly crypto casinos. So maybe try Gamdom if you'r not feeling happy with Stake.
  14. Just to add. I'm much into computers, programming (mostly Python) and a big fan of Linux, since I was a puppy. I can be to help for most things if anyone have problems or questions. I love making complicated things, user friendly and easy to use.
  15. Love the work you put on this. It's a really nice theory and I can feel your theory is right in most cases. I love the slot Mustang Gold. But everytime I get a big win in base game, or on a bonus. The future wins gets down and I will loose my wins really fast. I usually reload the website after a big win and directly see a reset in wins. If I stick to the spins after a big win, the earned money goes down to maintaining mode, or just loose the whole win really fast. I have not tried to just decreased/increase the bet-size. But will do that and see if I notice any difference. I feel just a reload of the webpage does a difference, but thats also just a theory. Much love
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