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  1. There is money raffles on Discord going on from time to time. Not as frequent as before, but just be on your toes and you will not miss it. Those code drops is bad in my opinion. There are bots claiming them, and yeah, the CAPTCHA is hackable (open source scripts on github for example)
  2. Some casinos are very hard to get verified on. One casino refused to accept my black background behind my ID, then the same with a white background. Tried editing the background out and made it transparent, but a modified picture was not allowed either. In the end, my multi colored mousepad as a background was accepted for some reason. Took me weeks to get KYC verified. Other casinos have some sort of automatic verification process of the pictures and I get verified in like 5 minutes after upload. Something I've learned is that you should get KYC verified before depositing anything, just to be sure. Right now I'm mainly playing on casinos that have a Swedish license, most of them I can login using my Bank-ID, that login is a valid KYC so documents does not need to be uploaded. What I can read, Casinia has a trusted European license and should be safe to play on. My guess is they do have a maintance going on, but my thoughts are they should be more transparent and contact their customers about it. Hope it get sorted out for you. Wish you all luck! - Jim
  3. 1. Farm of the week is a chosen slot that is farmed (bet) in the background. Often just for research to know how good/bad it is acording to the stated RTP. The RTP is based on bilions of spins so it's not to trust, but it's fun to test with a farm. There is no "correct" slot for this, just feelings and guts. 2. It has a wager if the casino has a bonus wager that is active. If he play the farm on Vegaz Casino and deposite $ 5000 with a deposit bouns of 300%, then he have to wager $ 15000 before he's on raw money that he can to whatever he wants with. 3. Anyone can do a farm. Let's leave the bonus money and wagering out of this, and you deposite, lets say $ 100 to farm with. Start a farm on a given slot with a low bet, like $ 0.1, you will have 1000 spins to play with and if you go plus, it's a good farm, if you go minus, it's a bad one. If you want to farm for over a week many hours a day, you would probably need to deposite more. You should always expect to loose the money before depositing! Good luck to you
  4. I'm not trying to be rude or anything, but if you think something is boring, hold it to yourself. Me myself love the volatility of Phoenix Forge and I love when Rosh loose much and hopefully later win it all back in that game, it's satisfaction for me to just watch. Rosh is not streaming for just you. Your truth and fact is for you only. In the writing moment, I have109 days 19 hours and 50 minutes in watchtime, thats around 2600 hours, but that does not make me better than anyone else. We all think and like different. Saying something is "booring" in chat and geting banned for it, to me it sounds a bit to harsh, but Rosh and the mods have the finnal word and it should be respected. You should appeal your ban if you think it was a wrong move. Have in mind that being rude in here does not help you in any way. I have lived for more than 324120 hours, and I've learned when to keep quiet and when to speak. Trying to say that sometimes you better not express your feelings if it hurts someone else. Wish you the best
  5. I have no power to review or do anything. No mather what the cause of your ban was, I wish you all good. Take care, and bye bye then.
  6. I have no idea why you where banned, but there are jokes that might be fun to you, but offensive or less fun to others. Be carefull with your words and read a second time before posting in chat if you are unsure. If you dont care about being banned and just want justice, I recommend you to do nothing and stay away. This is not a court. Else your best shot would be to go to Discord and talk to Mods there and tell them how sorry you are, hopefully a legitimate sorry.
  7. Welcome! Wish you a great continued time
  8. Hi, I have no experience with Divas Luck Casino. So can't say much about it. Not clear what the problem is (tried contacting live support and am surprised it didn't) but sounds like you have trouble identify yourself with ID verification or not geting answer about your verification request? Some Casinos takes a few days to go trough the verification process and some are REALLY hard to get verified on. I had problem once with Bitkingz not accepted my Swedish driver license as valid ID and my Bank papers was texted in Swedish, so was hard for them to understand it. Support was realy nice and got it sorted out after a few days. Another casino did not accept any background i had behind my ID card when i photographed it. Tried black/white/blue/green background, but none was accepted. Edited the image so only the whole ID card was seen, but then it was revoked because the image was edited. I gave up on that casino. What does support say when you talk to them?
  9. He just updated us on this question on stream. The store will be re-stocked after the new website is live and published. No ETA on when yet, but hopefully very soon.
  10. If you use the Swedish alternative to gamstop (spelstopp), you wont be able to even login to the casino. I had withdraw most of my money from casinos when I signed up for Spelstopp, but the money I left behind are still in the casino. Guess it's the same using gamestop. They problably need your information because of laws on money laundering and frauds. They will most likely not payout anything without approved documents. If they do and a gouverment or agency requesting the information you should have provided and they dont have it, they will loose their licenses, lawsuit and pay a big fine, that would be the end for that casino.
  11. The goverment block access to the website? I did some reading via google, you can play casino if they have an Italian license? But is it illegal for you as an Itialian citizen, to play on the ones that does not have a license? Seem strange that your ISP (problably orders from gov) block the casino website. Internet should be open and free, but that is another discussion. In Sweden the casinos need a Swedish gambling license to allow Swedish customers to play, but it's not illegal for a Swedish citizen to play on those that are unlicensed and you can bypass the registration by using a VPN, wich is not illegal either, but might break the ToS of the casino and you risk everything you deposite and winnings. If I told the casino I'm from Sweden and they still let me play, they would be forced to pay a big fat fine to the Swedish gov, that's why Online Casinos without a license block Swedish players from register. There's alwas a workaround, but you have to pay taxes on the winnings on unlicensed casinos. With Stake and Gamdom I have no trouble playing because they dont ask me for info, they are friendly to VPN and using crypto-currency as payment and withdraws. As long as I dont tell them where I'm from, it's totaly safe to play there for me, and not illegal. I brought the Swedish gambling laws up because I belive it's kind the same in Italy from what I read after googling around. You can play on unlicensed casinos and it's not illegal to do so, but it is, same as in Sweden, illegal for the Casinos to accept you as a customer. It's hard to find trusted updated information about Italian gambling laws in English so I might be wrong here, so don't quote anything I wrote about it.
  12. I found a new favorite slot from Microgaming, called Thunderstruck Wild Lightning with a 15.000x potential. It pays alot and there are different type of bonuses. Geting 3 hammers brings you the the main bonus (there's also a coin bonus that is a bit different from other coin bonuses). When you get 3 hammers you get the Wildstorm bonus, but you can upgrade it by collecting 2 hammers 20 times. But when you choose what type of bonus you want to play after geting 3 hammers and you have collected 20 hammers, there are two options and the other 3(?) is locked. But If i click one, the hammers collected are reseted and I have to collect them again. Anyone know how I do to open up the other 3 locked bonus feauture?
  13. Hi, Noticed there's been alot of spam than usual on the forum lately. One idea to remove them, or at least make it really hard for them to register a username, is by implementing a Captcha on register. There is lots of Captcha services out there, but here's two that are free, easy to use and privacy friendly, respecting GDPR and CCPA. hCaptcha - They collect mouse position for bot-auto-click prevention, but nothing more than that. mtcaptcha - Highly customizable. 2.000.000 requests / month, should be more than enough.
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