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  1. I had a problem with this casino too. I deposited 100 euro, received 50 euro bonus...won around 1000 euro. wanted to withdraw 900 euro, they kept their bonus of 50 euro and allowed me to withdraw 900. From the rest of 50 euro remaining on my account i won another 400 euro which i wanted to withdraw also. again i was allowed to withdraw them, just to have the surprise that both my withdrawals were cancelled by them the next day and my account was credited with 250 euro withdrawable from 1300 due to T&C of the bonus that i can't get more than 5x the bonus. So they inform you only what they want you to know...rest it's your fault for not reading T&C. But their system is wrong and i made a complain to my national authorities because they allowed me to withdraw the whole winings. i didn't receive any warning or a limit of max withdrawal possible. So they let you win...use those winings to boost their win percentage on real money that they eventually take them.
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