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  1. scoof

    Song Contest

  2. scoof

    Song Contest

    hey . i also have a channel where i listen quite often and its No-copyright music and stuff, nice remixes when i play dota2. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG0SzK_t4-Ylf1yZq9Xmi_g enjoy.
  3. scoof

    Lil Devil 100,291x

    this looks a lot like a promo video for the slot...why i`m saying that is because its perfectly calibrated for the slot (you don't see the rest of the browser or hear any1 speaking), just like the wild cauldron slot from quickspin presenting the "posibility " of the 20000x win. if it isn't it doesn't matter cause this kind of hit happens only like 1/999.999.999 spins or even more and the winner is a very lucky man/woman. still a nice hit.
  4. just the final win ... i was on the phone and didnt realize until the final 2-3 spins what was going on, still my best win (x wise )on davinci , small stake(0.25 euros) but still nice thou' would have wanted to see what i hit. was going 4 slots and small stakes to see it i get some epic hits as in x's and after 2-3 hours got some nice hits, but this stole the show.
  5. the 3rd chilli bonus today with over 1000x. not bad :).
  6. 2nd bonus of today on piggy riches deliveres :D got 2 wild reels with +4 and +4 with almost all the way . the funny thing is i started with 22spins and x2 multiplier but got like 10-12 extra spins.
  7. Part 2 incomming.... now at 15.6k to cashout.
  8. Literally made 11k out of nothing.... i got 10 spins at 1euro stake on books and pearls got a 252euro win. then it all started to snowball from there on out (780x on BOD, 810x on legacy of dead,extra chilli 615x and the cherry on top was Doom of egypt with a full screen golden helmet guys ....2000x on 4 euro bet ). on my way to cash out 11k today.
  9. the bonus i got from the first 10 spins after i deposited 50 euros. i have the video of the line win . (1 line j with wild last ) enjoy and gl to all.
  10. wow... ty Rosh. The 2k euro win was just 2 symbols from having all symbols unlocked.
  11. hey guys . these shots are from my last 2 big withdrawals (9k and 6k), there were some others but forgot to SS. GL to all .
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