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  1. @Storyx the point was .... that i was concerned for his well-being, i never said i didnt enjoy the stream now, but it can always go down quick fast and you just didnt see it coming and then comes another 1 month break or something like that, but also he seemed happier back then.
  2. Hey Team Roshtein and the Brians. So the title is a bit of a stretch but i'm really worried that the stream it self is changing more and more lately(last few months). so when i started fallowing Rosh's channel it was because i saw a lot of nice videos with nice wins and funny reactions on youtube and then i found you on twitch and started to watch you on a daily basis because i liked the vibe, the comedy, the music , basically a all around entertainer and i think that's what your followers were drawn to in the first place. but lately i`ve seen a change in the pattern of your gambling and your stream routine....the comedy is less, the funny dances, the funny choppers/tanks/rainy mood/the live effects, the stuff that blows your chat when you have that moment with your audience. To be honest in the past when you'd do those funny things and you'd have just 6-7k viewers and the chat would blow up ...you couldn't read a thing of how exiting the audience was in the chat and now you have 15-20k on a daily basis and the only time you cant read the chat is when all type "roshsatchel". i`m here as a concerned viewer and would hate to see this escalate more to the point of you having to take a break from streaming cause things get out of control. 6 months ago you would probably see 1-2 times a month where you did bonus buys and that's only when you would have an insane cash-out of over 100k , now it's like the daily dish at a restaurant. i`m following you since March 2019 and i really enjoy your stream but that's just my observation. and as a concerned citizen if i may quote you ... i just want your well being so we can enjoy the entertainment you provide for us and not see you fall into a dark place. Thank you and have a nice Sunday. Scoof.
  3. the same feeling i had with sports betting... and the system was with 2 base games (games with 80% probability to win but with a 1.4 odd) and 1 game that the odds are verry close to each other 2.8/3/2.8 and bet 3 tickets on every outcome... went well .... got up with this system from 30 euros to 7.5k ... and my goal was 10k . then came one Saturday where bayern/real madrid and Ajax all lost, and it was the perfect storm that took 6k...cashed out 1.5k and never played that system again.
  4. this is like the 111.111x on DOA2 ....no joke.
  5. wow rly lucky...gratz sick win i never got more then 8x on a symbol when hit a respin ... max i got combined was 12-13x and when it hit something was like 1-2 respins later. my biggest win from a respin was ~180x
  6. i think the max cash out for those offers is Max cash out 5x for the bonus itself... so if you deposit 100 euro and get 100 extra you can withdraw 5x100 + 100 your initial deposit so 600euro/dollars and so on.
  7. Hey Roshtein. i was wondering if you would like to do a contest involving your audience/viewers to do a highlight reel/compilation of all the funny moments/insane wins/celebrations ,cause i think there are some talented people on your stream that have some kind of experience in video editing. for example: "highlight reel of the week/month" max time 5/10 minutes(use of memes is encouraged) video has to contain :incredible wins, wins Roshtein didn't notice ,fails(you know what i mean like a hyped-up super bonus and ends up to be a huge fail), ,etc etc , and in the weekend all the submissions, or if there are too many to choose from, the ones with most likes on forum could be played again on weekend streams and reanimate them like you do sometimes . another situation would be like a highlight reel of your battles with Jay/DeuceAce. you could also have a small prize to motivate the point farmers like 1st place 1 month VIP, 2 end place 100 points, 3rd place 50 points and stuff like that... but all of that it's at your discretion. it's just a suggestion to make your community more involved and get your channel to the next level. i would do a contest involving my own points but i don't know if it's possible to send points to other twitch users, or if mods can take my points and give them to the winners?! but if any1 wants to do a video like mentioned above, feel free to post it in this thread to let others enjoy.
  8. nice win ... but the bet is not visible... terrible photo skills
  9. scoof

    Dead or Alive 2

    As you can see in the description .... its capped at 1.000.000 coins x bet lvl. so it's not really true what you posted up there, if you get a 111111x win on 9euro bet its 1.000.000 euros or almost.
  10. scoof

    10000x+ Money train 2

    @Mods pls move this to epic wins section... ty
  11. the first image is from game history downloaded . this is my second highest x win.
  12. scoof


    Nice idea but if you want to go on a quest you need some things : 1. A map. (image bellow as example where you can track your progression ) 2. number of quests . 3. side quests (diablo cow lvl ) 4. a time in which you need to solve the quests (ex 3-4 hours like an escape room ) and as suggestion for the quests : - Q1 : - get a point worth a win on an OLD slot . - Q2 : - get a point worth a win on a New Slot. - Q3 : - get a OG back to back (slot is at your discretion) - Q4 : - get a premium full like on a book slot. - Side quest : get a bonus on a provider you don't play that much ( booming games, endophina, microgaming, betsoft, isoftgames) - Q5 : - get a Golden bonus on wild falls - Q6 : - get a 100x bonus on Sword and the grail (play'n go ) - Q7 : - get a retrigger on Lil devil , danger high voltage, final countdown, white rabbit, opal fruits . - Q8 : - get a wild line on slots with sticky wilds ( at your discretion : DOA, DOA2, Vamp vs wolves, leprechaun's go wild etc etc ) - Q9 : - get a 100x sweet bonanza multi (that hits with something not like a dead spin ) Side quest : get a point worth a win on an ELK/RED tiger slot ( where you cant save bonuses ) - Q10 : get a 300x bonus on 300 shields. - Q11 : get a bonus on donuts/kingmaker with over 20-30 x multiplier. Also a suggestion is where you can make this an event for the whole week like a farm of the week : start with a bullet and start doing quest and see where it leads and when you have all quests done see the result
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