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  1. I have plans coming up which leaves me no time. Good luck to everyone involved! 🍀
  2. Application Form (apply as a response to this thread) Have you read the criteria to apply using this form?: Yes. Twitch Username: sycosinatra Age: 28 Current Country: Denmark How long have you followed Roshtein? (You can find this by typing in chat and clicking your own name): Since January 2020 but as a wise man said, it is not about the quantity but the quality. Rosh's stream has helped me recover from a deep and shameful poker/slot addiction but I've been watching every since for so many hours that I know all the memes inside out. I've not gambled ever since and I feel my old self again, wiser. Thank you Rosh peepoClap How much time are you able to dedicate to moderating?: I've 3 months off work ahead of me and maybe more, so I will be on late nights "full-time". I have been watching every single stream since you started. I am a night owl for sure. What times are you typically watching the stream?: From the beginning typically. Right after Rosh's streams. Why do you want to be a mod for DeuceAce?: Because I can see myself as a part of a great and interactive community creating positive vibes. I'm a very outgoing person who has been a fitness-coach in own company for many many many many yeeeeeeeeears, and so I know how to connect with and encourage people on bad and happy days on different levels. I don't know if you remember me but just as I give chat smiles, I love to make the streamer have a good time by for example recommending you "RE-animation" by LP. You and I share the same values and so modding for your channel seems perfectly natural for me. Do you have any digital skills we might find useful?: I have been streaming myself for 3 whole months "full-time" with an average of 12 hours a day, so I pretty much know the inside out of streamlabs OBS and how to handle a community, e.g. mod commands and more. I've accumulated 500 followers with stable 30+ viewers but I quit.. Streaming is really great but I've other dreams in mind within clinical pharmacy, among others. Are you a moderator for any other channel?: Not at the moment but I've had my own channel to take care off in a "moderation" sense. I know the commands and all that jazz. Please write a brief introduction of yourself: My name is Elias Nafei. 28 year old pharmacist from Iraq but have been living in Denmark for 20 years.. With cultural and religious differences between family and friends, I began working out as a part of inventing myself in a new world with my own terms. After 13 years, I've competed as a fitness model in Copenhagen, created my own fitness company where I coached people in a deeper spiritual level, and also graduated in pharmacy. I'm an avid gamer, have been my whole life from Sega to Arcades, and so Twitch has been in my veins for a long long time. I know the insides and out of slang, emotes, GIFS, memes and what not. I bought my own piano 2 years ago, been playing on and off, love to read philosophy and psychology, and recently put my time into the detail and my inner expression by a recent hobby: oil-painting. No girlfriend as of now but I love to keep it on the EDGE by being single for now. And to celebrate my single life, here's a picture of me on Tinder 4 months ago OMEGALUL Withdrawn by applicant - Storyx
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