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  1. Whatsup guys, i am going to introduce myself. The reason i do this is because i got banned from the chat permanently when i was watching the stream as usual. What happened is i was going to write good night when Roshie was leaving for the night. But my new Iphone Max or w/e this poor phone is called made it " good niger ".. And i changed it quick to good night, but i was permantly banned from the chat. I tried to reach a few admins about this but i havent gotten into the chat yet. I dont really write alot but in the chat but i would like to be accepted in the chat. I also want to write one thing to you Roshie, you are amazing. Comparing you to other streamers they dont have what you have, you are an entertainer, you have something they will never have. The days i feel bad or i need something in my life, i look at your streams. You have class on another level my friend, keep it going. You are one off a kind. Bye / Stonemate
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