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  1. They should have access to a play-by-play of all the actions you took since you registered and started playing. That should show them that the wager was completed. Shouldn't matter if a bar is present or not?
  2. Anyway, just to close this off. I had an email from Dream Vegas this morning. They banned me for "State Abuse" which was incorrect, as it was actually "Delayed Winnings" from shutting down slots that just won freespins. I have accepted they won't pay me the £1200, but to be fair to me, I had already wagered through the 100% before I opened the bonus slots (my closing balance converted from bonus to cash was £292 before I started opening the bonuses). I was hoping they would honor the remaining £292 but I get where they are coming from. The only thing I appealed against was the ban from their network of casinos. I showed them what I did and even listed out the slots with the bonuses, how much the bets were and what I won from them (i know they have this but I wanted to show them I wasn't intentionally trying to abuse the system). Lesson learned - read the T&Cs - every time - at every casino you plan to use.
  3. I just did the same thing on Bet Victor as a test. Smaller win, and I saved the bonuses and played them after. Hit withdrawl and the money was in my account in 30 minutes. I think the GB gambling commission would be interested in the comparison should the Maltese Casino choose to deny payment. After all, if the casino cannot create the technology to prevent switching slots when a freespin is due then that should be their responsibility, not the player. If you were in a real casino, is there a rule against playing multiple slots at the same time?
  4. Just checked the T&C where I won my winnings. Looks like I'm going to be in the same boat. Oh well, I did have a great time playing though! Lesson learned and I only lost £20 :D
  5. Oh pants. Looks like I might have fallen into this trap. Today I deposited £20 as a first timer and got a £20 bonus. As this was my first time trying this, I bet low, but early into the wager I had a fullscreen on a low bet on Book of Dead and won nearly £700. I wagered through this money and when I got to the free spins I closed the games. I ended up with 15 different slots set up for bonus spins. By the time I completed the wager 100% I had £289 left. I opened up the bonuses I had won and that ramped up to £1300. The money wasn't deleted and it switched to a cash balance so I withdrew £1200. Still waiting for the money in my account so I'm hoping I will be OK. This was on Dream Vegas casino as I'm UK we are a bit restricted. I did check the T&C but it just said I had to work through the wager. Fingers crossed!
  6. jimbob2k


    Hey Rosh! Probably been brought up before but I'm too lazy to search :P Ever thought of adding t-shirts to the points or merch store? "22:22" and "It's what I do" slogans come to mind :D Could have it on some new mugs if you ever bring them back.
  7. I want to try out his dance moves at my local night club. Can I have permission please? Mind you, I'm a 50 years old, 200lb slab so it might look a lot worse than Rosh does it - well maybe a little
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