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  1. same here :). I guess i was wrong :/ the casino is not that bad :D
  2. my Account is still not verfied. Day 12 now. 1k Withdrawal status still open. i guess this will take over two months to get my money...
  3. Hey, same happend to me. What i really dont like about this Casino is they block you out of the withdrawl section. They tell you need to verify your account. But they only send you link with an image on it telling you your account is already verified. The verfication process never really worked in the first place, it is a bait. Really bad tactic to stall people. You need to contact the Support, then they head this to "relevant department". After waiting one week. My e-mail was finally verified but not my Account. So you will need to wait over a week only to make withdrawl request, which is really shitty. I read about this problem on an other Forum. This verfication issue isnt solved yet. So i guess it is intention. I send them my Documents one week ago. Today i asked about my status. They told me i need to wait.... Only thing i can say. DONT PLAY AT THIS CASINO! same goes for all Condor Group Casinos! Hope you will get paid soon. Peace
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