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  1. @Tuomaz98 That bet looks so high that do you have bought any bonuses via bonusmoney? Only that would explain it
  2. Dude... read redeem rules before getting mad to casino. It says clearly in those terms that 50€ raw must be depositted between every redeem..
  3. Do you have verified your account? Most likely they gonna decline it if not. Happened to me many times. They usually pay small cashouts without account verification and at big cashouts they do ask your ID etc. Slotwolf is owned by N1casino staff so its pretty legit place. I have always gotten my cashouts from there. TBH just ask from their live support why your cashout isnt approved yet. They will say the reason to that
  4. JJT96

    Point Farming

    Yup, every over 100x bet win gives 5 points and sometimes he gives them randomly and random amount
  5. Atleast N1 & slothunter owners are same. Slothunter cashouts are even named as "N1 casino interactive Ltd." I have account in those both sites and no problems with that. But to be sure, ask from their live support
  6. Breaking T&C is kinda gray area. Casino is allowed to void that balance if they want but gonna send this to Rosh. Maybe he can solve this. But dont get too excited, changing their mind isnt sure
  7. No idea why you got banned but master himself did that. So use unbanform
  8. If their bonusrules have max bet 5€, its lost fight. Breaking their bonusrules will void balance and nothing can be done to it.
  9. JJT96


    "Few days ago" You got banned 5/5/2020.. And we use this https://www.roshtein.com/unban
  10. Probably brians who get so mad for timeout or ban that they go full Karen mode. 3,5 years in duty and I have encountered like 4-5 people who promised to report me to Roshtein & Twitch so my mod would be deleted or even account. I have just not given single fck and kept playing with them for while and then just ignored & reported them to twitch. Other ones I dont even remember anymore. But we do get alot of stupid/hilarious shit into our whispers or into bot's whispers weekly
  11. Im pretty sure that its 1 discount coupon per item
  12. Sorry we dont have crystalball and see whats wrong. Try giving more information/screenshots whats wrong. 1) Is all of your documents approved? If not, they will cancel your cashout until those are approved. And IF you didnt send all of documents, same thing 2) You have only one account per IP to that site? Only 1 account per IP is allowed, example: your GF has account to there too and she lives at same house than you. They do see this as doubleaccounting and they might even block your account due multiple accounts 3) Did you play with raw or bonusmoney? If you did play via bonusmoney, are you sure that you didnt break their bonusrules? Breaking those will remove your balance. 4) Are you withdrawing with same option that you used to deposit? You cant ex. cashout neteller deposit to your bankaccount, only to same place what you used to deposit There is few things what popped into my mind. Easiest way to get answer why your cashout isnt approved is gotten from their live support. IF reason isnt none above, please to tell their answer to here
  13. First; congrats for big win & cashout! I think that yea, your opinion seems good. Take your time with gambling, I have few times cashoutted few k€'s and in under a week depositted all of winnings + more back into casino. Atleast at me winning big is worse than winning nothing. You become so godlike in your mind that you "cant" lose anymore if you keep winning and winning. I have taken cooldowns and they do work but time to time I lose control and play all my money away. So keep eye how you do deposit and play, cashout winnings when you have won enought and after recieving cashout, self exclude yourself if needed. PS. Im down 15,8k€ from gambling at years 2014-2020 so dont think that gambling can make money to you
  14. Wow, so much time to spend doing something like that
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