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  1. JJT96

    A question about

    Seems like that you do write those slotrequest alot "accidentally". Please read !rules in chat and understand them. Continuing in this patch gonna get you banned in 2-3 months due too much timeouts
  2. Dont request slots, its useless at today cuz Rosh is gonna more likely to play your slot at some point
  3. Doesnt matter how many applications you make or mods you harrass via whispers because chat voted against unbanning you. Make new one and maybe chat will wanna unban you at this time. PS. alinerko: iits its its fakeee
  4. @irrltation use !rename old_username (ex. !rename JJT69) in chat and it should move all data to new username from old account
  5. That message was written into unban application form so might been someone who hates you. Or youre just Brian and dont wanna tell us that you did type that message :D But anyways unbanned you
  6. In your last picture I can see that you did go under 0,5€ balance before opening bonus. When balance does hit 0,5€ bonus automaticly turns into "lost". So indeed you did open bonuses which were collected with bonusmoney when you dont have anymore wager. So nothing that you can do, those moneys are gone forever.
  7. JJT96


    My version of it
  8. @Sandstorm_xxx Twitch whisper would be much quicker way to get unban. But youre unbanned. Kinda brian ban from other mod whose name Im not gonna tell, oh wait, it was Jaiel. Hes shitty mod :D sandstorm12345: she is hot! sandstorm12345: sandstorm12345: sandstorm12345: fuck her! jaielzeus banned sandstorm12345. These was posted when he was at Ligma event.
  9. I would keep next 6 months gamble free. Too many times I have won big and cashed out just for that, that I do play all winnings back in few following days when trying to hit big wins again. PS. 12/2014 - 5/2020 gambling stats: -15,8k€
  10. Cant remember who it was but winner was from Finland and he has contacted to Rosh. E: it wasnt raffle but here you can see the winner: https://forum.roshtein.com/topic/2610-⭐aim-for-the-stars-⭐-win-a-trip-to-monte-carlo-to-meet-roshtein-⭐/
  11. Done, please whisper to mod next time if you wanna get unbanned quicker. That ban was just bots autoban, fake -filter activated dusank2208: Where are people talking about f*ak*e money? thealphabrian banned dusank2208. Fake money comment. Automated by Moderator: TheAlphaBrian
  12. Unbanned you for now but remember; Play stupid games - Win stupid prizes. techno_belta: Reaction makes it look so fakeeee PS. its funny how everyone wants suddenly be unbanned when there is giveaway running..
  13. Dunno are you fcking stupid or what? Yes we do miss few timeouts but why you need to cherrypick them? People do break channel rules and we do miss those sometimes. IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT ITS ALLOWED TO BREAK THOSE. Keep bitching about that and we can ban you from the chat and you dont see that kind of messages anymore and that does also solve your "no-reason" timeout problem.. Jesus fuck man, we are just humans who do this moderating because we do love content what Rosh does and wanna keep chat decent. Without rules and people who do monitor what people do write into chat that chat would just be shitshow. And there is only like 4-8 active mods in chat and usually +7k viewers. So few of those words do miss our eyes. Next shittalking about mods is permament ban; no matter is it in chat or at forum. We are kinda done with ya. Maybe you have now time to read those fcking chat rules and stop being martyr about your timeout. CHANNEL RULES: • Respect everyone & follow Twitch ToS. • Use ENGLISH. We love other languages, but we need to keep it for everyone to enjoy. • No advertising. • No begging / asking for money, joking or not. • No drug discussion of any kind. • No politics. • No excessive spamming. • No slot requests • No song requests • No bet requests, such as "raise to X". • Have lots of fun!
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