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  1. Me neither because your username here isnt same as twitch so I cant find chatlogs. Its funny how thosekind of comments are always typed by someone else with your account This excuse is getting old..
  2. WTF unmodding myself. Not gonna moderate scammer like that
  3. Gotta say that that joke isnt never good, especially at 2AM when few mods have been moderating chat with 7-12k people for 7 hours non-stop. We ban like 5-20 fakemoney/playmoney shouters per stream and we are busy to moderate chat so we dont always have time to check users earlier chatlogs, timeouts etc. By first look your logs arent so good looking but at second look you are just semibrian = not banworthy. Those 31 timeouts standed up right away but by closer look they all were !sacme 's. Today we took new system to test; timeout number 16 is auto ban. Sacme isnt count as timeout as that system so only timeouts from slotrequest etc. counts. Gave unban to you but use example Kappa after your joke so it will be read as joke. Otherwise it looks like one of those 200 fakemoney messages.
  4. Heyo there, leader of Brians. Here is da update. Looking KLEEN still. Dunno where that 0,55€ came from, maybe from Viks.com? That casino sent me email at this year that they are closing that casino.
  5. Nice one, never had fullscreen of wilds but IMO that payout in X is kinda low for 9 wildlines
  6. PAY TO MODS, PAY TO MODS! Just kidding, congrats for win! Now its good time to stop gambling, atleast at this year
  7. 0€ per month to slots. 20-50€ @month to slotmachines at gas stations etc. Best choise in my life.
  8. ATM points: 11,933 All time points: 32,353 I have redeemed postcard, 2x 20€ free, 1x 10€ free (cannot get those anymore) and several 20€ bonusmoneys
  9. I wish same to you, stay away from slots and learn from your mistakes. Have a summer!
  10. Hey GROUNDisKEY. Nice to see that you managed to get gambling into control back in days. Gotta say that column thingy was kinda cleverly thought, you will see your situation right away and don't need to play with numbers to see it. Keep your gambling in limits and have nice summer!
  11. JJT96

    My story.

    Nice to see that people starts to share their gambling stories. Tom, remember stay strict to yourself and know your limits. Never chase losses, that happened to me and result was -10,5k€ @4 years. Rosh is surely good medicine to us, addicted plebs. Sometimes when he played slots and they were dead AF, I lost my interest to deposit at that day. And welcome into TROOPS, Tom! PS. bad English skills are just fine at here, I also suck at it and so does many other Rosh viewer.
  12. I bet that this topic not gonna get many pages
  13. Farming, grinding sounds too 🌈
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