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  1. Definitely would, i know he is against taking money from us as an affiliate however would love to see the "sub" money go towards things that can improve the stream where needed or help with giveaways. I hope he gets it soon
  2. Thanks for sharing, was a good read. Glad to hear you have found a solution that suits you and that your girlfriend has been so supportive.
  3. Wow thats insane, I've had accas before but never really came close. Never win anything too major, I think I had Jamie Vardy to score for Leicester in first 10 mins at 14/1 once but thats about it
  4. Love achievement hunting! (Xbox) - although I feel Xbox is dying and I may make the switch to playstation when the PS5 comes out, I've had a ps4 before and didnt get the same buzz with trophies, maybe it takes time :) I usually go for indie games/child games as I kinda enjoy them and they are easy to get 1000/1000 on. I am a regular on true achievements website.
  5. Introducing myself My name is YewLogge/Ben Been watching Rosh for 2 years now. Hope everyone is okay and if your reading this I hope you have a good day :)
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