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  1. So i deleted my Account now on N1, did u refund my points already?:)
  2. Thank u Storyx, Twitch name is FrozASkylineZ just as here. Weird.. is there a possibility that Rosh will be getting bonuses from other casinos at any time? Have a nice day:)
  3. Hello, I started to play on N1 Casino 3 month or even longer ago, right after me my brother started to play aswell on N1 and so we had the first issue with them since having more than 1 account with the same IP is not allowed. They told us then if we verify both accounts there wont be any problem and we could both play, that´s what happend right after. After i used your (Roshtein) 200% Deposite bonus few times they told me i can´t and im not allowed to use any more bonus if i dont deposite raw. So i started to ask how much or how often do i have to deposite raw in order to get the deposite bonus again, i got the answer "Ur not allowed to get any more Information about that". Obviously i won´t play on N1 Casino any longer if the support is not even providing me the simple answer. But for the icing on the Cake, my brother played over 70% of his deposite without a Bonus and suddenly when he asked if his bonus is there already after pruchasing it in your shop he got told that he never will get a bonus again becouse there are 2 Accounts for 1 IP, he obviously got mad and started to explain. Very long and exhausting talk later, he got told is Bonus ration is to high and he needs to deposite raw in order to get any more bonus deposite. Maybe for me that was the case becouse i just deposite with a Bonus, but he mostly played without any and now they rejected any kind of bonus for him too for no reason at all. We both wont continue playing on N1 Casino if they dont fix or explain that problem to us. Also since we cant get the Bonus would it be possible to receive the 750 poins back? Have a nice day Marc Sontheimer Emails on N1 Casino: [email protected] and [email protected]
  4. Twitch name: FrozASkylineZ Date: 17.05.2020 Bday: 11.08.1995 (18+) Casino: N1 Casino Bonus: 14€ KLEEN!:D
  5. Get 5 Stars on Inferno Star
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