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  1. i got aother 1327x on honey rush, man i love this game so much, ive got so many nice wins there !!
  2. wow wow wow, i was playing doghouse and got a nice boost, it was around 800x (no screenshot there) then i decided to play legacy od dead and got an 1518x with all symbols, never got something like that. im pretty happy now :)
  3. Have you read the criteria to apply using this form?: Yes Twitch Username: pwn_royal Age: 23 Current Country: Germany How long have you followed Roshtein? (You can find this by typing in chat and clicking your own name): i've been following since 2nd april 2020 How much time are you able to dedicate to moderating?: Most at the time im watching at the start of Rosh's stream until the end sometimes, i end a bit earlier bc i have to work. but most at the time it is 3pm - 10/11/12 pm What times are you typically watching the stream?: As i sad mostly the whole time, so 6-8 hours per stream Why do you want to be a mod for DeuceAce?: I want to become a Moderator, because i like it to help people which dont know how some things works ( I thing you can see it also in my Chatlog). And i also want to help rosh or Deuce, so they are relieve and dont have to respond to all messages Do you have any digital skills we might find useful?: That is a good Question, i think i would say i have basic skills on digital skills, but they dont really will help on the streaming side i think. But i'm open for new things :) Are you a moderator for any other channel?: No I'm not Please write a brief introduction of yourself: Hello everybody, My name is Fabian (pwn_royal) I'm 23 years old and im working as an industrial mechanic. Im working from 6 am to 2 pm. After that i usually watch rosh's stream until it ends. If i dont go to work or watch the stream I'm having much time with my girlfriend, which also enjoining rosh's stream sometimes. Sometimes i gambling, so in this case i know nearly all games and can help brians by some questions about them. My english is also quit okay i would say. And also i think my Chat aktivity must be more than 1000 messages. I would love to help some brians because im also a good brave brian all the time. so i wish u a good evening to all and it would be nice to hear from you. Fabian Declined, not enough follow time - Storyx
  4. Honey Rush was so good the last few weeks for me. got some 400x, some 300x and now i got 1283x with diamond and 12x
  5. helllo @Storyx and @Roshtein. i wanted to say that i get an email from pragmatic today regarding the ps4 give away :) lovely :*
  6. Still no Email from pragmatic regarding ps4 It is now some weeks ago where the raffle started, and until now i didnt received an email from pragmatic. Would be cool to know if or when they contact the winners, or if im the only one who didnt received it. Username: pwn_royal Thank u
  7. thank u. no it wasnt leovegas but also so bad :(
  8. i had a really good hit on deadwood, it was 2786x. One day later they removed deadwood from the Casino KEKW Enjoy it :)
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