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  1. Nice one! Pretty good for a 0.20€ bet :D
  2. What did you type in CAPS? Maybe it was something very inappropiate because you won't get banned by just typing in Caps. Also have you been timed out/banned befor? Also you have posted this in "Introduce yourself" wich is the wrong topic for this. Use the unban application at www.roshtein.com/unban
  3. Holy moly congratz bro! This is 16.7k € right?
  4. Can i buy these in a deluxe bundle to get both?
  5. Damn.. So many brians seemed to know it.. And i never believed..
  6. I think its looking absolutly fine.
  7. Damn @JJT96 Thats one salty brian.. But yeah i've seen those aswell :D It's rare to me but sometimes they go full "I want to talk to the manager karen mode" Kappa
  8. So basically you can post some funny stuff or good/bad karma happening to you while watching Rosh's stream. Im gonna start with my story i just encountered today :D Rosh asks mod to pick left or right - As allways chat spams left or right - As always only emote mode - After that i say: Damn i can smell some !nuke left and !nuke right - Also me: Gets timeout for a minute for typing !nuke "left" and !nuke "right" This really made me overthink some stuff, for example what did i do to get such bad karma...
  9. Yeah as seen in the title i played in a little "casino" near my hometown. I started with 0.20€ bets and won the bonusfeature of the game wich left me with a 35€ win. I then raised the bet to 2.00€ (very risky, i know) but it paid out. I got 182€ with the bonuswfeature (+14 after the pic i took) so 196€.
  10. Do not play Deadwood, Dog House, Release the Kraken or Mysterious for a whole stream :D
  11. Okay thank you guys for replying and helping me! If u want you can close this thread if you want :D Again thank you very much! Greetz -Striker
  12. Ohhh alright.. So next time I do this I have to keep my balance above 0.05€ to continue it, does this work? Or is it forbidden aswell? I mean like said in the post above, rosh is doing those bonus hunts on a daily basis ?
  13. Ok I get your point, but everytime I start Dog House it show's that I just won 53.80€ so, I didn't really go below 0.5 ^^ also why the support tells my I didn't finish a bet that I did, when my account wasn't even created 🤣 all the money's from the 2nd bonus hunt didn't get added. Also there is nothing in the terms that says that u automatically lost when u get below 0.5€
  14. Also here is this promo side, where it clearly shows that i did not reach my limit and did'nt deposit anything except for the 35€ Also the thing that pops up everytime i start dog house now (same i send the support)
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