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  1. Thanks for the response Storyx. I just gave my honest opinion of Jays stream and how it felt so weird to me. I basically questionned Jays streaming motives. I dont know why he streams slots if he knows nothing about them or is not even slightly interested about the subject. Also it was odd that it was supposedly Jays money on that hunt, but next stream it was all of a sudden Roshteins after all. Many of the us who watch the stream have huge urge to gamble and that is why its very important to be open about this stuff. Thanks once again Artie
  2. Let me just add that all i wanted to know was whos money there was on the line. It turned out that it was Roshteins deposit after all and that makes sense. Why then it was represented as Jays money in the first stream? There were no reason to do that, because like i said no one expects to someone use that amount of dough for your first stream. No need to block this. I just like to things to be open. Especially when its about gambling streams where there are big influence to us all. Love and respect Artie
  3. Hello there. I wrote a long post about Jays new streaming career. For unkonown reason my post has been taken away. Apparently i have telling some misinformation? I honesty dont feel that way. All information was strictly from the streams. Now i feel bad, because i really care about the stream and just wanted some clearance of this new situation. Thanks, Artie
  4. Now you can change to Garga 2 feeling good!
  5. Well once again congratulations! I have own my journey with Final Countdown. Got final stage once and got "only "1300x and two +1000x basegamewins. Now im still hunting for that 888x with purple i hope. Played maybe +200 bonuses and still love that game even its eating my money. One day it will pop...
  6. Jesus that is insane! How many bonuses you have played before that? I guess hundreds or thousands.
  7. artiestorm

    Book of shadows

    I tried couple of demo bonusbuys before it was released. Guess what? Bonus buy number 5 i got +20000x win on 1 euro bet. Had full line best symbol two freaking times in the bonus. I have to say i was pretty pissed, but also slot proved it really can pay huge. Too bad i cant play that with real money after that.
  8. I have to say im not a fan of blueprint slots in the first place. They look good and have nice themes going on, but still. This bonus is highly overpriced imo. I mean it cost 150x and you get possibly 5 shitty spins with no added multipliers? No thank you.
  9. artiestorm

    Crazy Time

    I mean they should have no real reason to cheat when the rtp is on their side in the long run.
  10. artiestorm

    Crazy Time

    Is this for real? You have a clip?
  11. Finally hit that over 1000x on this. Took maybe 120-150 bonuses all together. Best was earlier 740x.
  12. nice one! just got 2000x from this one. 12 bad bonuses before that.
  13. i bet your heart was pounding! Congratulations you son of a gun!
  14. Maybe play just for fun with low bets. Try to get lucky with super volatile games like lil devil or some megaways slot with low bet. They still can pay a lot. Just dont get tilted when you loose some money. It happens to almost everyone and then you start to buy bonuses or some other stupid shit ending loosing all.
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