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  1. I recently made a deposit in a casino (doesn't matter which one) and after attempting to withdraw they messaged me and said I'd be able to withdraw after making a minimum deposit without scrolling x3. Does anyone know what does this mean? Never heard this term before.
  2. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/857718904 Video of entire win if you're interested
  3. What is this I can't even understand first time clearing the whole grid Into an insane win
  4. Did you pay with a virtual card? I had a simillar issue in the past they refused to accept the idea that I could make a deposit using a generated virtual card for that online transaction. After going through all that trouble for nothing I ended up excluding myself permanently from that casino.
  5. This is by far the best win I've ever had on Rosh favourite slot. 11 Spins only!!!
  6. Images are not working for me mate but congratz for the win!
  7. I'd never touch that slot after that bad luck, sorry about that man.
  8. Got the very same issue on n1 casino even though their T&C don't state that delaying games is forbidden. Best thing is to not gamble at all. Took me a while to understand that but came to realize casinos don't want to give you benefits they give to streamers like Rosh unless you want to make it a business.
  9. After doing this for many many years our favourite streamer is indeed struggling with hair loss :(
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