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  1. Got the very same issue on n1 casino even though their T&C don't state that delaying games is forbidden. Best thing is to not gamble at all. Took me a while to understand that but came to realize casinos don't want to give you benefits they give to streamers like Rosh unless you want to make it a business.
  2. After doing this for many many years our favourite streamer is indeed struggling with hair loss :(
  3. Not gonna lie, one gotta be really bad to get mad at JJT. I have nothing but compliments to give to you for all the support you have given me over the last few days.
  4. To be honest if this happened to me and I did not get the problem solved, and with such a high amount of money at stake, I would wait for COVID situation to improve and book myself a trip to Malta with the very purpose of going into N1 headquarters and talk directly with the people that have to give me my money.
  5. I think it works like two separate transactions and therefore you would have to have a deposit of minimum 20€ in both transactions.
  6. Kirkuyshi

    Epic fail

    Retirement money for sure.
  7. I think Rosh mentioned somewhere that the delivery of postcards was currently disabled because of the COVID situation, I would just wait a bit longer I am sure Rosh will send the Postcards that have been delayed as soon as he can.
  8. Machine Guns? More like Water Pistols KEKW
  9. No System of a Down? :(
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