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  1. Diablo 3 season (still boring but you can play it) WOW with papi 7 days with HD CS;GO with me myself and i @roshtein
  2. Well keep is posted what they send you.
  3. Thank hyou Michael for your update keep us posted.
  4. Rosh plays on a lot of other casino's. Rosh also plays like you self told on SlottyVegas. Rosh plays the sameway on SV als he does on N1. A lot of other big streamers play on SV as well. There is what Story already said nothing else to say than just enjoy the stream. If we say he is real and you say he is not than we have a different opinion and thats oke. In the last post we could not convince you and that is fine. I therefore wish you a nice day, because we do not come to the same opinion.
  5. TRANSACTIONS LIST, LOOK: https://imgur.com/a/SIMpnm2 See here the Transactions list.
  6. Rise of an Empire -> Blue Print (SV) New Chilli game -> Pragmatic (N1)
  7. @Roshtein This will fill your stream :) more than 4h of awsome chill music
  8. For N1 ----> New CHilli game (its amazing!!!) by Pragmatic For SV ---> Blaze of Ra by Push Gaming For SV --> Wild Wild Chest by RedTiger
  9. Pearl Lagoon Please (VIP REQUEST)
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