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  1. No wilds further, and the result was about 1400x...
  2. When in saw the 100k potential, im locked in!!! wish u da best Rosh!! Letsggooooooooooooo
  3. Had 7spins with the wildline... but no wilds further
  4. I play poker at partypoker, but sometimes i try some slots at it's casino. That's where it happened
  5. Just hit this beauty :P, Wilds came fast, with lots of gold :)) u can check it out guys: https://replay.nolimitcity.com/show/buharenugeni?device=desktop&language=en
  6. WOW, én azt hittem a play n go slotok nem játszhatóak Magyarországról....de akkor ezek szerint van olyan kaszinó ahol mégis :D Gratula amúgy, nice hit ;)
  7. Nice hit sir! congrats Just saw the hungarian language at your screen. 21.com not available from Hungary. Do you live in Malta or use vpn? Thx in advance.
  8. Had a lot of spins in it through multiple days, kinda farmed it. Love the result though! GL guys...
  9. I know...i know....i was just frustrated cause not much before this, i got a 0.00 'win' on mysterious aswell (which is way more rare than this), and decided to post it - as a joke obviously - Would nice to hit that 4400x though, this has a nice potential, but doesn't wanna give me anything. Anyways...Good luck
  10. I mean seriously..... This should be fkin ILLEGAL!!!!
  11. FI - NAA - LEEEEE got the retrigger at the right place at the right time 😛 Didn't get any full line there, but still nice.
  12. frensz101 2020.05.20 00:23 Budapest time Partypoker Casino
  13. Sometimes it's easier to hit it @basegame than collect them during bonus LOL 😋 It was a nice suprise😜
  14. I play poker on Partypoker, sometimes I play slots too. I guess it was a good idea now 😄 Had 7 spins on x265, btw none of them included the purple stone. I think it's impossible to get at that stage🥺 BTW, GL everyone
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